Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge Show 1: Dr. Phil's Goal

Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge Show 1: Dr. Phil's Goal
What inspired Dr. Phil to write his new book?
"I've had this book in my mind and my heart for 30 years," says Dr. Phil. "I grew up an athlete, I've been around exercise all my life, and it's been a passion for me for a variety of reasons.
I have morbidly obese people all through my family now, and frankly, buried my dad eight years ago from heart failure secondary to chronic obesity. I see what it does to people's lives."

After working with the overweight population for 30 years, Dr. Phil wrote The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. "I've found that core group of things that you absolutely have to have to get it under control and keep it under control, and those are the things that are in this book," he says.

Dr. Phil had a multi-disciplinary team involved with the book to cover all the bases from a psychological, nutritional and medical standpoint.

"I did my homework," says Dr. Phil, who had the "best of the best" contribute knowledge from their respective fields. The team includes: Dr. Frank Lawlis, Dr. Phil's mentor and former professor, Dr. Arnold Diaz, a physician, and Dr. Maggie Robinson, a top health and nutrition writer.