Lauren and Joe

In their taped submission, twins Lauren and Joe explain why they should be selected.


"We want to do the Weight Loss Challenge because "" Lauren begins.

"" We're fat, fat and even more fat!" Joe finishes gleefully

Lauren stands by a pool in her bathing suit. "I want to lose this, this and this!" she says, indicating her stomach, buttocks and thighs.

"And don't forget these," Joe adds, clutching his man boobs.

Once the siblings are sequestered in the greenroom of his studio, Dr. Phil pays them a surprise visit. "You guys are in Hollywood," he says. "As you know, you're semi-finalists for this Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. I've got some hard questions for you: Why should you be picked?"

"I'm so stuck in a hole, and I keep trying to get out. I don't know what it is. I just can't get out of it," Lauren answers.

"You say you're 5'5" and 185 pounds, right?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"I gained four more," she replies sheepishly.

"Since you got picked as a semi-finalist, you gained four more?" Dr. Phil asks incredulously.

"You guys have such good food out here," Lauren replies meekly.

Now it's Joe's turn in the hot seat. "You say, and I quote, ‘If I want something to eat, there's no reason to deprive myself.' Seriously, you tell yourself that?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Sometimes," Joe replies.

"Then you also say, ‘I literally can't stand my shape.'"

"True. It's pretty bad."

Observing that Joe and Lauren are twins, Dr. Phil says, "It sounds like you think a lot alike. You both are self-defeating, both irrational, both self-destructive."

The siblings acknowledge his observations to be true.

"If I were going to pick one of you but not the other one, because it's just such a crowded program, would you want me to pick her?" Dr. Phil asks Joe.

"Sure," he replies.

When Dr. Phil asks Lauren the same question, she says, "I know this sounds selfish, but I think I'd rather be picked myself."

"I'd definitely rather she be picked. I believe that she might need it a little more than I do," Joe says. Then he clarifies, "Not weight-wise, emotionally-wise, because she's been through more of a struggle since we were younger."

"You've been on a number of diets yourself," Lauren shoots back.

"After what I'm hearing from you two, I just don't think I can keep you as semi-finalists anymore. I think I should just make you finalists and put you in the program."

Lauren covers her face and cries happy tears.

"You haven't had a coach like me," Dr. Phil tells her. He turns to her twin. "And if I catch you sabotaging her, I will become your worst nightmare."

"Do it," Joe says with a flourish of bravado.