Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, Pt 2: Katie Wagner

A Head Start

Robert Reames has been working with TV personality Katie Wagner, daughter of Robert Wagner and stepdaughter of the late Natalie Wood. In only a few months, she has lost 30 pounds, 31 inches and has gone from a size 16 to a size 6 using Dr. Phil's 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. 

"You look fabulous!" Dr. Phil tells her. "It's been a lot of hard work, right?"

"It's been a lot of hard work, and it's just been a journey that " Robin, you are my angel," she says, blowing a kiss toward Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, "as are you," she tells Dr. Phil, "and of course Robert Reames. I walked on this stage whenever it was, a couple months ago. You asked, ‘Are you serious?' I said, ‘I am,' and it took me awhile to get serious, really serious. I found out a lot about myself that I never would've found out without the help of Robin, and without the help of you."

Katie admits committing was difficult at first. "When you gain weight, or when you are heavy, whatever your version of heavy is, you kind of become comfortable in it in a weird way, and you ignore who you are, and I had done that. I was hiding behind being a new mom, and now I'm me again," she says.

She says the key is planning ahead. "Time is a really key word. Every bit of the day has got to be planned around when you're going to eat. You're going to eat the right food. You've got to take the time to exercise. You've got to take time to see your friends and family. It's time management that will ultimately come back and take care of you."

Dr. Phil tells her that he recently ran into her father. "And he said, ‘She's different. She's got a spark in her eye. She's taking this seriously, and she's committed,'" he says. 

"He always supported me, and behind my back he was concerned about my health," Katie says.

"Of course, and what we want is for everybody here is a return to health," Dr. Phil says. "And that's Key 7. You surround yourself with people who support your goals. You surround yourself with people who won't sabotage you but will support you and will get you moving forward."

Dr. Phil says Katie will help the teams along the way. "And you can't con her. She's ahead of you on the path, like, 30 pounds, 31 inches ahead of you, 10 sizes ahead of you. She's knows the excuses from the inside out, so she's going to be a help."

The teams will also get visits from Monika, a competitor from Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Challenge. She lost 55 pounds and has kept it off for five years.