Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, Pt 2: The First Challenge

And They're Off!

All of the semi-finalists have gone through very intensive medical screenings and psychological evaluations with Dr. Frank Lawlis at the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center in Dallas, one of the leading diagnostic and treatment centers in the country. Before starting any exercise regimen, it's important to see your doctor.

The teams have been divided into colors: Meleneise and Toria are the yellow team, Annette and Emilie are the pink team, Phil and Tiffany become the green team, Verne and Patrick are the blue team, Lauren and Joe are the purple team, and Richard and Jeff become the orange team.

Dr. Phil sets the teams up for their first challenge, called Seeing Stars. The competitors will run through Paramount Studios to the heart of Hollywood: the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. There, each team has to count the stars that lead to the golden man, where they will find the next clue that will lead to the finish line. 


The teams line up at the starting line. Dr. Phil shoots the starting gun, and they're off!

As the teams take off, many of them struggle to keep up a steady pace, and some partners get separated. Joe races ahead of his sister, Lauren, and Verne leaves his son, Patrick, in his dust. Although Richard trails behind, his brother, Jeff, doesn't leave his side.

At the Walk of Fame, the teams are supposed to count the stars on the sidewalk leading up to a street artist who's covered in gold paint and posed like a statue. The pink team, Annette and Emilie, arrives first and gives the correct number of stars to the golden man, who gives them their next clue. Some teams give an incorrect number and have to go back to count again, and the orange team completely miss the golden man and continues counting stars all the way down Hollywood Boulevard!

The next clue leads them to a souvenir shop. There are several of these stores, so choosing the correct one is time consuming for some of the contestants. Again, the pink team finds it first and moves on to the next clue.

The Chinese Theater is where they find the next clue, and while most teams are on their way quickly, the orange team is still counting the stars from clue one!


The next location is a silver sculpture found a few blocks down the street. Tempers begin to flare during this leg of the challenge. Joe and Lauren fight with each other, which just slows them down. Annette and Emilie arrive at this location first, followed by Phil and Tiffany.

At the finish line inside the Hollywood and Highland Center, Dr. Phil addresses the competitors. The pink team, Annette and Emilie, came in first, followed by Verne and Patrick (blue), Phil and Tiffany (green), Meleneise and Toria (yellow) and Lauren and Joe (purple). Richard and Jeff (orange) only made it to the second location before the others finished, so they came in last.

The teams meet the trainers, and because Annette and Emilie won this challenge, they get to pick their own trainer and the trainers for the others teams. They choose Kim for their trainer and assign the rest: Phil and Tiffany get Nathaniel, Verne and Patrick are assigned to Nicole, Meleneise and Toria are paired with Jeremy, Joe and Lauren get Shawnee, and Richard and Jeff get Strong.

Dr Phil sends them all to the Dr. Phil House to relax. "We're on our way, and you have no idea where I'm popping up and where you're going," Dr. Phil tells them. "Get ready to see America."