Unforgettable Weight Stories: Kristine

Unforgettable Weight Stories: Kristine

"I've lost 117 pounds, and I have Dr. Phil and his books to thank for that," says Kristine. "I feel fantastic."

With each of her four pregnancies, Kristine gained 80 to 100 pounds. "The weight came on like a train and I felt like there was nothing I could do to stop it. I felt lonely, isolated. There was no one I could turn to. I was just embarrassed for my husband and for my children. I felt like the fat mom, and I didn't want that anymore," she explains.  

Kristine started her journey when she bought Self Matters. She was at her heaviest, 250 pounds. "Even though it wasn't a book on weight loss, it helped me so much to realize who I was and how much I needed to redefine myself and change," she says. "With Self Matters alone, I was able to lose my first 82 pounds." She then bought The Ultimate Weight Solution. "That book got me to realize that I wasn't eating right. I wasn't eating to live."


Besides changing her eating habits, Kristine works out every day. "Most moms don't think they have enough time to do this. I'm the mother of four children; I had to make the time. And there is always

time, even if it's 15, 20 minutes a day," she says. 


Kristine has seen her waist go from 56 inches to 28 inches. "Shopping for clothes is so much fun now," she says. She and a friend made a visit to Victoria's Secret to get something sassy. "It was really fun to know that I could feel sexy again." She says her new look finally makes her feel like the 28-year-old she is. "There are times that I look in the mirror and I still can't believe it's me."

Kristine's husband, Eric, is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, and has been deployed for three months. He has only seen Kristine's results through pictures. "I've been e-mailing my husband pictures of me, just in outfits I never thought I would wear again. About every week he gets one, and he wants them every day," she says. "I want to look like the woman he married."

Kristine thanks Dr. Phil. "Thank you for your books, your words of inspiration and all the good that you do. Thanks to you, I'm a whole
new person," she says.


The new and improved Kristine makes her grand entrance onstage.


"How do you feel?" Dr. Phil asks Kristine.

"I feel awesome!" she says.


"What have been the most important changes inside and out?" Dr.

Phil asks Kristine.

"Shutting off my internal dialogue, that was negative, and stop making excuses for my time," Kristine says. She now has more energy to offer everyone. "I love life. I love my energy level."
It's been almost four months since Kristine has seen her husband, and she won't see him until sometime in January. But he sent a message from overseas.

"Hi, Kristine. Surprise! I'm so proud of you for having the willpower to stick it out and lose 117 pounds. When I look at the photos you send me, I can't believe how amazing you look. I can't wait to come home and show you just how much I miss you. Kristine, I love you and the kids so much. You make me the happiest, luckiest
guy in the world just by being married to me.

"Dr. Phil, I also wanted to thank you for being a huge inspiration to my wife. You played a big part in her success, and to see my wife happy and confident means more to me than words can say. Oh, and Dr. Phil, thanks for writing all those books. You helped turn my wife into one hot momma." 

Kristine and Eric will soon be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, so Dr. Phil wanted to do something special for them. Eric joins Dr. Phil and Kristine via telephone. Dr. Phil has a surprise for the couple. "Because we wanted to give you a chance to show off your new body, we got in touch with travelwizard.com," he tells them. "We want to send both of you to Hawaii for four nights and five days." They get to choose the island they vacation on, and all the arrangements will be taken care of by travelwizard.com.

"That's going to be great," Eric says.

"Just because we wanted to be sure you had no excuses not to wear a bikini," Dr. Phil tells Kristine, "Meier and Frank is going to give you a
$1,000 shopping spree to get yourself all ready for your big trip."

Kristine expresses her surprise and excitement.


Dr. Phil has a message for Eric. "On behalf of myself and Robin and all of us here in America, I want to tell you just how absolutely proud we are and how not one second of one minute of one day do we take for granted what you guys are doing over there," he tells him. The audience claps and cheers in agreement.

"Thank you very much," Eric says.