Baby Brett
Brett says that from the outside, his life looks very normal. He works the night shift at a nationwide retail store and has a degree in business management and a girlfriend of six years. “Most people who would meet me would think I’m a normal guy,” Brett explains. But Brett says those people don’t know the whole story; during his off-hours, Brett dresses and acts like an 18-month-old baby. He says his condition, sometimes referred to as a lifestyle, is commonly called “adult baby,” “infantilism,” or “adult baby syndrome.” Brett says he wears diapers and baby clothes and even sleeps in a custom-built crib. “I love to be treated like a baby,” Brett gushes.

Brett’s girlfriend, Cat, indulges his lifestyle, taking care of him, changing his diapers and feeding him, and admits she feels like his mother. “He calls me ‘Mommy, Mommy,’ all the time,” she says.

“Cat feeds me, bathes me, changes me, dresses me — basically anything that a baby needs, she does for me,” Brett says.

[AD]“Ever since I can remember, I’ve liked baby things,” Brett says. “When I see babies, I’m jealous; I wish that was me.”

From 13 to 16 years old, Brett says he faked bed wetting by pouring warm liquid onto himself. It was then, he says, he learned to lose control of his bodily functions.

Brett says everyone responds differently, but most find his behavior to be abnormal. He reveals the worst reaction was when he was called a pedophile.
Brett joins Dr. Phil onstage and tells him he doesn’t want to change his behavior, only understand it. He says that while some people know the “real Brett,” he realizes after today, everyone will know about his secret lifestyle, and he’s accepted that.

“Are you wearing a diaper now?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I am wearing a diaper now,” Brett answers. “I wear diapers 24/7.”

“And if nature calls, and you have to go, you do it?” Dr. Phil asks. Brett says that he still has minimal control.

[AD]He says that he believes the attraction to infantilism started when he was still a child himself and saw his younger sister in a diaper.

Watch a day in the life of Brett as an adult baby.

Brett says that he takes one token of his baby lifestyle into the real world — a pacifier — which he brings to work. “I keep it in my left pocket always,” he says.

He also says he feels a thrill when people see his diaper. “Sometimes, I will go into a store and crouch down so people can see.”
“Is it a sexual thing?” Dr. Phil asks.

“It’s not sexual at all,” Brett clarifies. “I could never have sex again, and I would be OK.” Brett makes clear that he is not gay or a pedophile.

“Do you think you’re a bit of an exhibitionist?” Dr. Phil inquires. “Are you playing a role?”

“Honestly, me playing a role is as an adult right now,” he says. “I’d rather be in a onesie.”

[AD]Brett says Cat mothers him in every way: she cleans up after him when he drools, spits up, wets and dirties his diaper. He adds to the list of his baby habits, saying he gurgles and even throws tantrums.

Dr. Phil says that he believes Brett’s behavior is a fetish. In examining whether it’s normal, Dr. Phil tells Brett to look at whether his behavior is prohibiting him from having a fully-functioning life.

“I don’t see it making my life dysfunctional,” Brett says confidently.