Vigilante Justice: Yolanda

Vigilante Justice: Yolanda

"My brother, Luis, was waiting for me downstairs because finding a parking spot is very rough in that section. I heard a lot of noise, bad words being spoken, so I looked through the window," explains Yolanda. "Dr. Moody was pushing my brother aside. He got into my brother's car to try to move the car. Meanwhile, my brother was telling him, ‘I'm going to move it. I'm going to move it.' As soon as Dr. Moody got out of the car, my brother moved his automobile and gave Dr. Moody enough space to go into the driveway."


Yolanda refutes Dr. Moody's account of the incident. "I spoke to my brother. He never spit on Dr. Moody's face and never called him any bad words. Dr. Moody was out of control. He was so aggressive, he attacked the photographer. At the time that I approached him, he walked toward me very aggressively, and he didn't listen at all to whatever I was telling him. I got the chance to say, ‘Dr. Moody, my father just passed away. Please give us a chance. We're leaving right now. He's my brother.' He raised his right hand as to strike me and call me a bitch. So at that time, I tried to protect myself, and I believe I did something like this," she recalls, holding up both hands, "to put him apart from me. As soon as I did this, immediately, he used all his power and threw me into the floor. I hit the concrete. He pushed me down."


Yolanda and Dr. Moody work in the same building, and she now has a restraining order against him. "I'm really afraid about Dr. Moody's patients' safety. If he was able to do that in front of the cameras, in front of the county police building, how is he going to react with someone who is in his office as a patient of his? If you see the video, he can explode very easily. My major concern at this moment is his patients, and I want the system to stop him," she declares.

Dr. Phil turns to Dr. Moody. "I'm trying to be as fair in this as I can. At the break, you said it was wrong for me to characterize you as jerking him out of his car," he says.

"One of the things that the film did not show [was] when I sat in my car for five or six minutes, beeping, and beeping and beeping. I did do that," Dr. Moody explains. "The film did not show that when I approached him initially to explain to him that the car was " and I was down on one knee just about " and I explained to him that he could move his car forward and turned toward him, that's when he spit on me, called me the N-word."


"Were you having a bad day?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Every day I get up in the morning is a good day," Dr. Moody says.


Dr. Phil drills down on the dentist. "There was a prior incident that day where you followed a woman into a parking garage and blew your horn for six flights, and you started yelling at her when she got out," he notes. "Secondly, that you had rear-ended another car that day. Do you think that you might want to plead this thing out?"


"We want to plead it out, but the DA is not giving me an offer that I can take," Gary interjects. "They are moving forward with trial on a misdemeanor charge, which holds a year in abeyance for my client should he be found guilty, when there was no serious injury."

"But the truth is, I think you made a series of bad decisions in this incident, and perhaps throughout that day," Dr. Phil admonishes Dr. Moody. "But what I also know from doing my homework is you have a long history of being a well-respected professional, a contributor to society. You couldn't say nicer things about a guy than Dr. Moody. But in life, you've got to pick your battles. This ain't one."


"We agree!" Gary says.


"Yolanda says that she might file a civil suit as well," Dr. Phil observes.


"Well, where are the damages? She didn't go to the hospital. She wasn't hurt. She may have been a bit embarrassed, but in law you have to have damages to recover in a civil suit," Gary responds.


Dr. Phil tries to extract some remorse from the dentist. "I don't hear any mea culpa in your voice at all, and I think that is a really dangerous tact," he cautions. "My daddy raised me from the time I was in the sandbox that you don't put your hands on a woman in anger."


"For you to say that I have no regrets, I have onus in this incident, I do. If I had it to do all over again, I would have sat there for three hours and not gone to work," Dr. Moody says. 


UPDATE: Dr. Moody still hasn't learned to bite his tongue. As of this writing, the dentist found himself arrested again, this time for violating Yolanda's order of protection. Allegedly, he approached his office mate and asked sarcastically, "So, are you watching Dr. Phil on Thursday?" She complained to authorities, and Dr. Moody is back behind bars.