Funding Her Habit

"I've gotten a lot of money from my customers. From the one customer that I was intimate with, I got about $200,000 throughout, like, two years of dealing with him," Diana says. "And with my other client, I ask him at least for $400 every two dates, so if you put that in a year, it's a lot of money."

"You don't want them to not know at this point, do you?" Dr. Phil asks, referring to Diana's family knowing her history. "You want them to know."

"I've been totally honest with everything. I've talked to my father about men I've slept with, prostitution, my using drugs. That was the hardest thing for me, being honest with my father and saying I shot drugs," she says, growing tearful. "My father has always had very high expectations for me, and I've never wanted to be this honest with my father about relationships, about dancing or anything, but I've come to the point now where I've been totally honest about everything because what else is there for me to hide?"

"Dr. Phil, we feel that this is so serious that if she doesn't get help, I don't think I'm going to see her live past 30," Anita says. "We do understand how serious this is. We really do."

[AD]"Like I said, before I didn't know. It is shocking," Jaime says.

"That concerns me, because you've got to be astoundingly good at denial to not know this girl is a serious addict until the last two months," Dr. Phil says.

"It just didn't look like she was an addict," he says.

Dr. Phil shows a current picture of Diana next to a picture of her before drugs. The difference is startling.

"There's a clue," Dr. Phil says.

Dr. Phil tells Diana, "I'm convinced, having had the history that you've had, and the use that you've had, and the behavior that you've had, there's nowhere for you to go but to the cemetery. This is going to get worse until the point that you're going to kill yourself, right? You have to decide, â€ƤI'm either going to die, or I'm going to live.' Those are your two choices, and if you're going to live, then you're going to have to get treatment. You can't even almost do this on your own. You're in way, way over your head."

Dr. Phil introduces her to Rich Whitman from La Hacienda in Texas. "I have asked Rich to study this case, to look at everything involved, and I have asked him to open the doors at La Hacienda for you to go there and reclaim your life, and my question for you is are you willing to do that?"

[AD]"Yes," Diana says.

Dr. Phil clarifies that Diana will have to leave the studio and go directly to the airport with Rich to fly to Texas. "You don't go home. You don't pass go. You don't do anything else."

Diana pauses.

"Please, Diana. Please," her sister says, crying.

"You're not coming home, Dear. Please," says her father.

"You've got to go, D. Please," Anita begs.

"I can't go tomorrow? I have a legal issue I have to take care of," Diana says.

"No," her family says.

"I have to transport my dog back to the house. I need to talk to the lawyer and have Joani write a letter," she says.

"So you don't have to do this from memory, let me help you out," Dr. Phil tells her. Diana asked Joani to help her with lies to convince Dr. Phil that she can't go straight to rehab. He reviews a list of excuses that Joani predicted Diana would give:

- She has to go home to get clothes.
- Wants to say goodbye to her dog.
- A friend is going to wire her $250. She wants pick it up after the show.
- She forged her ex-boyfriend's check. Says if she doesn't get this money to him by Wednesday, he'll press charges.

"He is," she says after hearing the last note.

[AD]"Well, actually, we talked to him, and he's not, so you don't need to worry about that," Dr. Phil tells her. "You've got a loving family here who will see after your dog. You either go from here, or you don't go."

"Diana, this is a chance of a lifetime. Please," Anita implores. "I love you so much, and I need you in my life. Look at me. Please, Diana."

"There is no need to go back home, Dear," says her father. "You need help. Your mother is so worried. I'm worrying about her now, OK? You go. Go with them."

"I'll go," Diana relents.

Dr. Phil reiterates that she will be going straight to rehab. Diana agrees.

Diana departs for her journey, leaving her father and sister with Dr. Phil, who has a message for parents who suspect their child is using drugs. "The earlier you intervene the better because it just gets worse. So, parents, if you've got a kid who's just smoking a little weed or whatever, you need to deal with it right now because it doesn't get better; it gets worse. And once you've achieved sobriety — Joani, you deal with it every day, true?"

"I do deal with it every day," she says. "I work an active program."

Joani has reached her two-year mark for sobriety. She receives a chip to honor two years of sobriety.

"Joani, to see you going from shooting up in my green room to two years of being clean and sober just means everything in the world. It gives hope to everybody out there, and boy, oh boy, are you paying it forward, and God bless you for that," Dr. Phil says.

Dr. Phil warns Diana's family, "It's going to get darker before the light, trust me. I promise you, she is so mad backstage right now, I guarantee you, she is tearing me up one side and down the other, but I've got a thick skin, and that's OK, as long as she gets to where she needs to go."