Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge
Carey travels a lot for his job as a corporate trainer, and ends up eating mostly in restaurants, airports, hotels and drive-throughs. When he gets back to the hotel after a long day of work, he's usually too tired to exercise, and ends up getting a quick snack from a vending machine.

"I started traveling for my job about three years ago," he says. "Before I started traveling, my weight was around 230. I've added 30 pounds to that." He asks Dr. Phil, "I may be king of the road, but I don't want a king-sized waistline. Can you help me?"

"Part of this, I think, is just that eating gets jammed in between other stuff," says Dr. Phil, pointing out that even when work is demanding or requires travel, we have control, to some extent, over our schedule and lifestyle. Just fixing three or four bad food choices in a day, for example, can add up to 30 pounds in the span of a year.

While the demands of Carey's job are certainly a priority, so is taking care of himself. "You're willing to put yourself last," Dr. Phil says. "What I'm wanting you to do is get much, much more assertive about all of this with yourself ... You have to stop putting yourself at the bottom of your list. You aren't selfish to claim the right to take care of yourself."

Dr. Phil also points out to Carey and his wife Marty, that at 6 feet tall and 260 pounds, Carey is at six to eight times the risk for a heart attack, hypertension, stroke and other medical conditions than if he lost weight. "When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences," Dr. Phil says.

"You say you don't exercise at night because you're just too tired," Dr. Phil tells Carey. "I exercise every single day and probably half of the time I am just too tired to do it ... About halfway through the first set [of tennis], my blood starts flowing, and I walk out of there with 10 times more energy than I did walking in. The idea is to do it whether you feel like it or not."

Dr. Phil and nutritionist J.J. Virgin offer tips for how to stay healthy when you're eating in a restaurant or on the go. Read their advice.