Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge
To find out how Jim and Judith face temptation, we sent them to restaurants in their cities and had our hidden cameras watch their every move.

Jim started with frog legs sauteed in butter and a soup with cream, butter and flour in it. For his main course, he ordered seared blackened swordfish and steamed asparagus with lemon butter and almonds. He passed on dessert, and ordered a decaffeinated tea instead.

Judith couldn't resist ordering a steak, though she did make sure it was not prepared with butter. She also got a side of sweet potato casserole, which had cream, sugar, butter, flour and pecans in it. For dessert, Judith and her sister shared a highly caloric cheesecake.

"You are busted," Dr. Phil tells Jim and Judith.

J.J. Virgin, the nutritionist for the Weight Loss Challenge, offers her feedback on what they ate. Jim's dinner was about 1,425 calories — mostly from fat. Had he skipped the dressings and sauces that came with his meal, he would have saved up to 1,000 of those calories.

"Beware, those sauces pack a load of calories in a tablespoon," J.J. says, suggesting that food be ordered "dry."

"Fourteen hundred and twenty five calories sounds bad, until we talk to you," Dr. Phil says, turning to Judith, who consumed 1,500 calories in her meal. Judith's mistakes included asking for ranch dressing on the side — but then using all of it on her salad, and ordering a sweet potato casserole with butter, cream and sugar. Having a few bites of cheesecake is fine, J.J. says, but you can't have a few bites of everything!

When Judith tries arguing with Dr. Phil about what she ate, Dr. Phil says, "We can go to one of two tapes: the videotape or the tape measure!"

Dr. Phil offers these dining out tips, especially for his guest Carey who travels a lot for work.

  • Pick a restaurant with healthy choices.
  • Think about what you're going to eat before you get there so you don't sit down and get tempted.
  • Ask questions and be assertive with the wait staff.
  • Avoid sauces and oils.
  • Refuse the bread basket unless it's whole wheat.
  • Start with clear soup or salad with light dressing.
  • Skip the appetizer or get two appetizers in place of an entree. You get all of the good cuisine with portion control built in.
  • Skip the starches; order double veggies.
  • If you have dessert, share it. Enjoy a few bites ONLY.

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