Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge
The weight loss challenge continues.
Jodi had a baby 10 months ago, and is having trouble getting rid of her remaining pregnancy weight.

"I don't like my look from behind. I would like to lose the flab," she says. "I have tried everything to try to lose these last 20 pounds. I have been reading the Dr. Phil book. I got rid of the kiddie cereals and the candy. I've been drinking nonfat milk. I drink water.

I do an exercise regimen: walks with my son in a jogging stroller, I do these little outbursts of running, I dance a lot in my house. I feel like I am doing a lot, but for some reason, I'm just not toned whatsoever, and it's been 10 and a half months. I just can't seem to get rid of those last 20 pounds. She asks Dr. Phil, "What am I doing wrong?"
"You said that you do exercise, but not to the point that you sweat?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I try to work up a sweat," Jodi says, admitting that she usually doesn't.

"Well you might need to dial that up a little," Dr. Phil says, turning to Weight Loss Challenge trainer Robert Reames for more expert advice.

"You're doing the aerobic work right now, which is great," Robert says, "but you need to strength train with a mindset of working your entire body. You want to access as much muscle as possible and just lean out your system."

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