Weight Loss Challenge
The weight loss challenge continues.

"I've been practicing my 'Beyoncé booty dance' ever since the Challenge. As the weight comes off, I'm getting better at it," says Janice. "This Challenge has actually pushed me way beyond my expectations of myself. Now I notice a lot of attention from men and I was feeling sexy."


Paul says the hardest key for him is Key 3: No-Fail Environment. "You can't get rid of fast-food restaurants on every corner," he says.

Lynn and her husband flex for each other. "It's been so fun just to see "It's one thing to set goals, but it's another thing to actually achieve it," the change in your body. I feel so empowered," says Lynn, who has had the most difficulty with Key 4: Mastery Over Food and Impulse Eating.


Peggy says. "I was definitely an emotional eater. I've lost the taste for all of the sugar. It's just gone."


Kevin is grateful for his circle of support. "My daughter is probably the biggest motivation to this whole thing. Her new saying is, 'Daddy, you're not fat no more,'" he says.

Dr. Phil invites the five Challengers on stage to see who will be kicked off today. He reviews the women's weight loss first. Lynn has lost 30 pounds, and during the process she has gotten rid of the headaches that plagued her weekly. Janice, who started at the highest weight among the women, is now exercising twice a day and has lost 36.5 pounds. Peggy, the newest member of the team, has lost 32 pounds.

Kevin, who has lost 46 pounds, says that all of the exercise has given him a lot of energy. Paul is 48 pounds lighter and says his circle of support has been very important for him. "My wife has just been awesome. My whole family is behind me," he says. Dr. Phil informs Paul that he is the number one contender, so he will definitely not be sent home. Kevin is in second place and Janice is in third place, so they will also stay on board.

Statistically, Peggy and Lynn are in a dead heat in terms of how close they are to their get-real weight. "What we did with all of you is set a get-real weight of what your goal was, and we've been calculating where you are percentage-wise of the weight that you need to lose," Dr. Phil explains.

In order to see who will be kicked off, Peggy and Lynn are tested to see how well they know the Seven Keys from The Ultimate Weight Solution.

Question: What is the first thing you have to change to lose

Answer: Your thinking.

Question: Why should you stick to the outer aisles of the grocery store while shopping?
Answer: That's where the fruit and vegetables are.

Question: What's the first thing you do when your meal is placed in front of you?
Answer: Wait for five minutes.

Question: How many times a day should you be eating to maximize your weight loss?

Answer: Five times.

Question: How many hours of vigorous exercise must be performed daily to promote fat loss and greatly reduce your risk of heart disease?
Answer: Three hours a week, about 45 minutes a day.

Because Peggy answered one question incorrectly, she is eliminated, but vows to fight her way back on and to continue the program.

There are two people in the audience who have lost enough weight to qualify for the Challenge. Dr. Phil introduces Sean and Brenda. "These two have really done an amazing job," he says.

Sean started out at 273 pounds and his current weight is 227 pounds. "That means your percentage toward your goal is 71.9 percent," Dr. Phil tells him.

Brenda started as 201 pounds and has lost 41 pounds. "That means your percentage toward your goal is 80.8 percent," Dr. Phil tells her. "You are the next Challenger!"