Weight Loss Challenge Follow-Ups: The Challengers

Weight Loss Challengers
Dr. Phil checks back in with the Weight Loss Challengers to see how they're doing.

Since losing 141 pounds and winning the Weight Loss Challenge, Jim and his wife Dana moved to Los Angeles. As part of their grand prize, they're living at The Palazzo at Park LaBrea and driving a new
SAAB convertible. With the help of Dr. Lawrence Koplin, who performed a tummy tuck and removed 12 pounds of abdominal skin, and a smooth recovery at Shanteque of Beverly Hills, Jim was able to complete his body transformation.


Once in Los Angeles, Jim started pursuing his acting career. He had his head shots taken by Dr. Phil's personal photographer, Danny Turner, and had a guest appearance on the ABC hit comedy According to Jim. While on the set, he was treated like a star with his own dressing room and even had a personal chat with the show's star, Jim Belushi.

"In my wildest dreams, I couldn't have even imagined that my life would turn out like this. I have a new house, a new job, a new car, a new life, a new body. And I reclaimed everything. I did it all. If somebody told me that this was going to happen, I never would have believed it," an enthusiastic Jim says, thanking Dr. Phil.

Looking at an image of Jim from when he started the Weight Loss Challenge at 360 pounds, Dr. Phil asks him, "Is that hard to imagine as you sit here now today?"

"I don't even recognize that person. Not even the body, just the face, and the unhappiness," Jim says. "There's nothing there from

that old life in me anymore."

Pointing out that Jim had lost weight in the past and always gained it back, he asks Jim how he pushed through to continue this time, even after he hit a plateau.

"Key One, Right Thinking, was always what I was missing because I led a very negative life," Jim says. "And for the first time, when I hit that plateau, I didn't think about that I wasn't losing any more weight, I thought about all the weight that I had lost."

Dr. Phil asks Jim's wife, Dana, how their relationship is going.

"We're doing better. It's a different relationship now," she says. "I think we have new struggles now."

Jim concurs. "Moving across the country has been stressful, but I think it's brought us closer."

"He's gotten a little bit cockier," Dana adds with a laugh.

"I'm very happy being thinner. I feel absolutely amazing," says Barbara, who has lost a total of 85 pounds, and wants to lose another 25. After a breast lift performed by Dr. Lawrence Koplin, she started pursuing her dream of being a model when she worked her first plus-size modeling job for Page Parkes.

"What was the hardest thing for you to do?" Dr. Phil asks her.

"Overcoming the death of my sisters," Barbara responds, explaining that she still thinks of them every day. "It got to a point where I said, 'My sisters are the brightest stars in heaven, but I'm going to be the brightest star on earth.'" She explains that she has been successful with her weight loss because she picked a get real weight that was realistic for her body.

Since completing the Weight Loss Challenge, Thomas also had his dreams come true. He recorded a song with MCA Nashville, a division of Universal Music Group Nashville, and also got the opportunity to sing with the band Emerson Drive at one of their concerts. He has lost 105 pounds
and has lowered his body fat to 12.8 percent.

Dr. Phil points out that exercise has been really important to Thomas, and he continues to work with Robert Reames, the trainer from the Weight Loss Challenge.


Dr. Phil asks what so many women want to know: "How's your love life?"

"It's great to have Dr. Phil hooking you up across the country," Thomas jokes, admitting that he is still single.

Thomas surprises the audience by singing a song from his demo tape. To find out more about Thomas' work, go to www.thomasdonharris.net.

Weight loss Challenger Kim lost a total of 63 pounds and 10 sizes over the 10 month program. Even though she had such great success, people still thought she was pregnant because of the excess skin in her abdominal
region. She consulted with Dr. Scott Chapin, who performed a tummy tuck.

"Now I'm wearing these cute little outfits and getting comments as I walk down the beach with my daughter," says an excited Kim, who is enjoying showing off her new body.
One of the biggest stars from the Weight Loss Challenge is Judith, who has lost 21 1/2 pounds since the finale, bringing her total loss to 82 pounds. "I like the head turning I get and all the men whistling and hollering. Hey, this is a different life for me," Judith says. "To feel good, to be at peace with me, the sky's the limit."

Recently she went to the CBS lot to film her guest appearance on The Young and the Restless acting alongside Kristoff St. John in an episode that airs on October 12, 2004. "I can't believe the way my life is today," she says. "I could care less about Doritos; I've come too far!" she exclaims.

"Don't I look good Dr. Phil?" Judith asks, standing up and showing off her new body while the audience applauds and stands for her.

"What we need to do is work on your confidence," Dr. Phil jokes. "We've got to get you where you can come out and shine."

"I'm just this happy, lucky ... I'm a diva," she says.