Weight Loss Challenge: Leslie
The weight loss challenge continues.
Leslie and her husband Allen have had a challenging marriage since the day they said "I do." Dr. Phil decided to give them a surprise visit at home.

"Why have you stayed in it?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Because I'm not a quitter," Leslie says. "And I don't believe in divorce because God doesn't believe in divorce."

Leslie reveals that some of their problems stem from an affair Allen had, after having sex with Leslie only one time in 10 years. "It was a wake-up call to me," Leslie says. "And I didn't want to lose him."

So they started to repair their marriage and have sex more often, but still encountered obstacles.

Dr. Phil asks Leslie, "What do you want? There comes a point where you stop complaining and start saying, 'If you do the following things, I will give you another chance.'"

"I've told him since day one, I want to be a priority in his life," says Leslie. "It's always been something before me. And we have to have marital relations."

Dr. Phil tells them, "Trust is earned. It's a step at a time. If this doesn't stimulate some conversation with you, then I don't know much."

Leslie says, "Yes, we've burned a lot of daylight. But I think the fact that we're still together
does show that we do have something in us that wants it to work."

Allen shows optimism as well. "It's a step in the right direction," he says. "Hopefully everything's going to work out for the better."

Dr. Phil reiterates how important it is for them to deal with their issues. If Leslie doesn't deal with her anger and bitterness, and if they don't fix their relationship, then after her weight loss Leslie will simply be "a smaller version of a miserable woman."