Weight Loss Challenge - Show 11

Weight Loss Challenge - Show 11
The weight loss challenge continues.
Terri explains how her eating habits have changed. "We always eat at the dining room table now. I let the food rest before I start to dig into it. I give myself a few minutes to rest while it's in front of me," she says. "Also, I put my fork down between every bite, because it's giving my brain enough time to catch up with my stomach. I'm finally at the point now where I can hear my body talking to me. It tells me when I'm full. And now there's food left on my plate!"

Dr. Phil explains that it takes between 12 and 20 minutes for the brain to get the message that you're full. "In 20 minutes, you can eat a flock of chickens! You can eat so much food that by the time it hits, you feel sick," he says.
"Before I started the weight loss challenge, I was in chaos," Terri says. Now, she sits down each week with her cookbooks, does her grocery shopping according to a plan, and sticks to her schedule. "Then I don't have to worry about what to make for the rest of the week."

Terri has learned to be creative when cooking healthy meals. "Now instead of angel hair pasta, I fix spaghetti squash," she says. Also, she puts nuts on her chicken instead of fried breading. "You have to be ready and willing to experience new stuff."

She also eats lots of fresh vegetables now. "I can eat snow peas now like a bag of potato chips," she says.

"Do you feel deprived?" Dr. Phil asks Terri.

"Are you kidding?" Terri says. "I feel like I have so much energy from that food."

Terri gives Dr. Phil a taste of her spaghetti squash with alfredo sauce, pointing out that it also tastes good with marinara sauce, and is a healthier alternative to pasta.

Dr. Phil enjoys her food so much, that Terri reads from the teleprompter while Dr. Phil finishes his meal!