Weight Loss Challenge - Show 11

Weight Loss Challenge - Show 11
The weight loss challenge continues.
People all over the country are participating in Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge — even people who love pizza. Winnisquam Pizza, a small pizza parlor in rural New Hampshire now features low-calorie options on a special menu called "Dr. Phil's Diet Menu."

On a recent day, the menu included a lean turkey sandwich on grain bread, baked haddock, Greek salad, and sugar-free ice cream floats.

"We put out two Dr. Phil options for lunch and we try to keep them around 400 calories," says Ed, the restaurant's owner. "At night we have a dinner that we try to keep around 800 calories including dessert. It seems to be working successfully."

Ed's customers aren't the only ones who are changing the way they eat. "I've lost 91 pounds," says Ed. "I'm going to lose another 100 pounds and then I'm going to send my picture to Dr. Phil to thank him for saving my life."