Weight Loss Challenge - Show 3

Weight Loss Challenge - Show 3
The 13 weight loss challenge finalists live in a camera-filled house for five days.
When all 13 Weight Loss Challenge finalists are inside the mansion, where they will be living for the next five days, Dr. Phil greets them via a video conference call. "Congratulations guys!" he tells them. Their first task is to decide whom they want to share a room with.

"One more thing you should know," Dr. Phil adds. "There is a twist. There are 13 of you now, but only eight of you will get the chance to work with me one-on-one over the next 10 months to change your lives. That's right, five of you will not make the cut. Play this game hard. Your life may well depend on it."

After the Weight Loss Challengers choose their roommates, they start spending time exploring their new digs!

The kitchen is stocked with goodies, from Ding Dongs and Doritos to pork rinds and peanut butter. They order in food for dinner, and get frustrated when it doesn't come promptly. "They don't know who they're pissing off," jokes Jim, "a bunch of angry, fat people."

After they finally eat, there's a cake to celebrate Fred's birthday. "What are y'all trying to do to us?" asks Angela, as everyone else chimes in about being sabotaged.

That was not Dr. Phil's motive. "It's OK to have a piece of cake on your birthday," he explains. "The problem is when you have the whole cake when it's anybody's birthday!"

Key 4 in The Ultimate Weight Solution is mastery over food and impulse eating. By the time they finish the challenge, even Fred, who loves birthday cake, will be able to control himself.

Key 7 of The Ultimate Weight Solution teaches you to surround yourself with a circle of support. To find out who in their lives was helping or hurting, we listened in on their conversations when they called their loved ones at home.

"I'm bummed out," says Terri's fiancé, who doesn't like the idea of her living with other men for five days.

"I want to lose this weight," Terri tells him. "I need to do this Charlie."

After all of the challengers call home, they have an individual "confessional." Angela, who's in a relationship with a man who's embarrassed to introduce her to others, says, "It's time for me to heal a lot of issues in my life."

Kimberly cries. "I don't see how being away from my family and the ones that I love is going to help me lose weight," she says. "I'm trying to get focused on why I'm here and that is to lose weight and to do something for myself."

On their first morning in the house, the early birds are given a tour of Hollywood homes and take a trip to the grocery store, while the late risers are given the task of cleaning up the kitchen.

Later, the group has their first explosive moment. Key 3 is to create a no-fail environment, so some of the challengers thought it would be best if they got rid of the tempting treats that were in the house.
Not everyone liked

that idea, and tempers started to flare over the issue. Then, an off-color joke about a rapist didn't go over well with the group; for some, the joke hits too close to home.
In order to truly succeed at losing weight and keeping it off, you have to exercise. So Dr. Phil sends his own personal trainer, Robert Reames to put the challengers through their paces.

Each challenger also has a medical meeting with Dr. Arnold Diaz, who takes a closer look at Monika's heart condition, the pain Leslie experiences when she exercises, and other issues they face.
Over the course of their five days in the house, the challengers get to know each other better, especially bonding when Donnie sings his "Weight Loss Challenge Blues!"
When Dr. Phil makes a surprise visit, he tells them: "My view is that if you don't do this, a lot of you are going to die too soon. You've got to be willing to change your entire existence ... You couldn't be in the the shape you're in if you didn't have a lifestyle to support it. This is a disease, but it is a disease of choice. You are addicted to food. And this is a big-time intervention."

Turning to Sarah, he says, "You're 22 years old. You can turn this around right now. Do you want to live your entire life as the fat girl?"

The message hits home hard, as Dr. Phil continues, "You will never have a better chance than you have right now, never have more help, never have a better offer than you have right now... Y'all have no idea how proud I am of every one of you. You have no idea how seriously I take the fact that you've put enough trust in me to be in this room and do this. I am so committed. You will not fail."