Weight Loss Challenge - Show 4

Weight Loss Challenge - Show 4
The 13 weight loss challenge finalists live in a camera-filled house for five days.

"What emotionally is out of kilter that drives you to self abuse, that drives you to this chronic morbid obesity?" Dr. Phil asks Marilyn, whose husband has cheated on her for most of their marriage. "Why are you willing to settle for the treatment that you settle for?"

"Because I'm afraid to be alone," she says.

"How do you feel that he's turned away from you and gone and been with somebody else?"

"I feel worthless."

"What do you say to yourself when you take him back?"

Marilyn answers, "This is your bed you made, you have to lie in it. You got pregnant at 17 … this is the price you pay."

Until she can tell her husband that she won't be treated this way, Dr. Phil says, there are two things that won't happen: "Number one, you'll never lose weight. Number two, you'll never be in a relationship with him or with anybody else when they treat you with dignity and respect...You understand this isn't about him, this is about you fighting for your life."

"I'm finally getting that," she says.

Speaking about Marilyn's daughter, Dr. Phil says, "Do you think she has even a snowball's chance in hell of not finding an abusive husband, of not being betrayed and demeaned and belittled with what you're modeling?"

"No," Marilyn answers.

"Then you've got to be willing to grab on and get real girl."