Weight Loss Challenge - Show 4

Weight Loss Challenge - Show 4
The 13 weight loss challenge finalists live in a camera-filled house for five days.

Angela's father, who sexually molested her, served five years in prison. Her parents left "a big yoke" on her, she says, and she doesn't want to leave that legacy with her daughter.

"There's nothing you can do to change your past, but it can absolutely cripple you in the present," Dr. Phil tells Angela, who had trouble answering a question about her fears. "The biggest fear you ought to have, the biggest danger that you face, is that deep down inside you don't feel worthy of all this help, all this attention, all this focus, and what you stand to gain if it works. Tell me I'm wrong."

"You're right," Angela responds, tears running down her face. "I feel like a castaway. I feel like I wasn't good enough for my own flesh and blood to be treated decently and cared for, and I feel like that's just the way it's supposed to be. It's like being in rough waters and I'm treading water all the time, but I'm tired and I can't do this anymore."

"You got all these messages from before that you weren't worthy," Dr. Phil tells her. "The way you were used, the way you were abused, the way you were neglected, the way you've been treated, all of these messages that you just weren't worth anyone's time, and when they stopped, you took over for them, didn't you?"

The Ultimate Weight Solution consists of seven keys, and Angela needs to focus on key #2, healing her feelings. "Everybody has a role in life, they have an identity, and yours is to be an overweight, worthless victim, isn't that right?" Dr. Phil asks. "Do you understand you have to give up that role? You get a huge payoff for it, because if you're a worthless victim, it's like nobody could expect anything from you. What if that's not right? What if there's another dimension to you but you're hiding behind that role?"

Angela answers, "I feel like there's something inside trying to get out, but there's all this fat around it keeping it in."

Angela's daughter is 11 years old and weighs 232 pounds. "You don't have the right to do that to her," Dr. Phil says. "My question for you is whether or not you're ready to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and stop playing the victim. You look me in the eye and tell me the answer."

Angela says, "I'm ready, that's why I'm here."

"Because let me tell you something: I will lead you, I will teach you, I will work with you, but I will not drag you," Dr. Phil tells her. What happened in her past was not OK, but she won't change her future until she can look herself in the mirror and say: "I am so sick of this. I won't take this from me, I won't take it from them, and I won't do it to my daughter. Not another day, not another hour, not another minute. Whatever is scary on the other side, it can't be near as bad as the hell I'm feeling now."