Weight Loss Challenge: Terri
The weight loss challenge continues.

Terri is engaged, but her wedding to Charlie keeps getting postponed. "Since I've started the Weight Loss Challenge, Charlie has changed a little bit. He thinks I'm trying to lose weight so I can find someone else."

Charlie doesn't seem to trust her, and she often finds herself explaining why she's a few minutes late. "He's suspicious," she says. "It pushes me away from him. I don't want to be around

someone who is not going to support me."

Whereas Terri once dealt with her emotional issues by turning to food, she has now found a healthier way to cope. "It doesn't push me to the refrigerator. I go out and walk now. It helps me work through the stress of having those kind of conversations with him on a daily basis," she says.

"He is a very loving and caring man. He's very concerned about my son, and tries to be a good role model for him. I just wish he would see in him what I see in him," Terri continues. "I just want him to get well right along with me. I don't want to leave him behind."
Since Terri is not finding support from Charlie, she's getting the encouragement she needs from herself, her teammates, the other team, her friends, family, and the thousands of people on DrPhil.com's message boards.

Dr. Phil tells her, "You've been in a very compromised lifestyle and had a very compromised image of yourself. And you settled for some things that you wouldn't settle for today."

Terri agrees that her weight loss has affected her sense of self. "There's a sense of pride that has started to happen," she says.

"Don't let someone take that away from you," Dr. Phil says. "Decide what you're willing to settle for. Decide what your standards are."