Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge
Dr. Phil tells Fred what he needs to hear.
Dr. Phil follows up with Thomas, Terri and Kim to see how they are each creating no-fail environments in their lives.

Thomas is busy cleaning out junk food from his cabinets and refrigerator.

"Thomas, what have you got there?" Dr. Phil asks.

Thomas lists off all the junk food he's got, and adds, "Of course, I've got my Ding Dongs," while rubbing the box affectionately.

"Thomas, it's a bad thing when you start fondling your food," Dr. Phil says.

But changes are already happening in Thomas' kitchen. "I've got some pretty good stuff in here," Thomas tells Dr. Phil pointing to his refrigerator. "I've got a lot of fruit in here and some yogurt."

Thomas also follows Dr. Phil's suggestion to "burn the bridges" behind him, by discarding all of his "fat clothes." "I want you to get rid of everything that is bigger than you are now so you have nowhere to go," he tells Thomas.

"We're going to dispose of the snack drawer," says Terri as she sets about giving away all of the junk food — to her 10-year-old son Tony's dismay. "We have popcorn, apple chips, raisins ... that's your new snack drawer," she tells him.

Back in the studio, Dr. Phil asks Terri about her son's reaction: "He's not happy about this, right?"

"Oh, no, not at all," says Terri.

"Children learn what they live," says Dr. Phil. "The things we enjoy are learned behaviors. You've taught him what to like by feeding him certain things." Dr. Phil continues with advice for how Terry can help her son, who's 60 pounds overweight.

"How much would it have meant to you if someone had stepped into your life and worked this problem out when you were 10?" Dr. Phil asks Terri.

"Oh, my God," she says. "That's why I want so badly for him to get it."

"We definitely have changed the environment in this house," says Kim. "All those fattening foods are gone," which prevents her from indulging after a difficult day.

"The amount of weight that I have lost so far is amazing because I don't feel that I've had to work very hard," says Kim. "It was basically changing a few things in my head and changing physical things around me. When you're at the supermarket, don't buy it. It's that simple. I used to feed my family a ton of macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers. My dogs have lost weight. Everything is getting lighter and slimmer."

"Since she has been on the program, her stomach is flatter, her thighs are little bit smaller," Kim's husband adds.

Kim takes her no-fail environment outside of the house and on to the dance floor. At parties, instead of focusing on the food, now she spends time dancing.

Back in the studio, Dr. Phil tells Kim: "You look really good. So far you've lost two dress sizes and 22 pounds, right? You've got to feel good about that."

"I feel wonderful," says Kim.

Dr. Phil asks Kim to stand so everyone can see how much weight she's lost.

Dr. Phil tells the challengers: "I want people be able to look at you — not just your size and shape, but I want them to look at you and see that you're behaving differently — you're acting differently, you're reacting differently to your environment."

Some of the challengers have come up with unique ways of creating a no-fail environment. Angela and Jim share theirs:

Angela has a great way to avoid visiting drive-through fast food restaurants: "Put your cash in your purse and put your purse in the trunk of the car," she instructs.

Jim's route to work used to take him down a street lined with restaurants. "I used to eat breakfast every morning at a different fast-food place and I would also eat afterwork," he says.

Now he takes a new route to work.

"I pass up all the fast food stuff," he says. "This area is more forest preserved and it stops me from a having to go past those places and make those choices."