What Are You Afraid of: Christy

What Are You Afraid of: Christy

"Dr. Phil, I have a fear that is a little bit crazy. I am afraid of aliens, and I think I may have been abducted," says Christy.

"She thinks aliens are around her, watching what she does," says Christy's husband, Dennis.

"When I was 5, I had an encounter," she explains. "Me and my mother were walking in the desert, and I was abducted. I was horrified, terrified. Now I am afraid that the aliens may come back for myself or my children. Dennis doesn't believe in anything that he cannot see. He just thinks I'm nuts.


"Aliens have grayish-bluish skin; short; and big, black eyes. When I start thinking about them, I get hot and sweaty, my heart starts pounding. My fear of aliens even affected my honeymoon. All night long, I was spooked out that aliens were coming after me."

"If anything happens to her, the first thing she says is, 'I bet the aliens did it,'" says Dennis.

"When I first e-mailed the Dr. Phil show, my e-mail completely disappeared. I'm pretty sure it's the aliens way of saying they don't want me on the Dr. Phil show. Dr. Phil, do you ever wonder if you've been abducted by aliens?" asks Christy.


"I'm actually wondering now," Dr. Phil jokes. "Look, if aliens were coming, do you really think that with the entire planet and the entire human race, that these aliens are sitting on a planet far, far away, plotting how to get Christy?"

"I know it sounds completely irrational," she says.

"'We are going to Earth and we don't want the president, we don't want the leading scientist, we want Christy.' Isn't that a little grandiose, actually?"

"It is."

"You ask, why are you afraid of them? The pictures that you draw of them are pictures that have become the icons of these things in the media. That's what they look like in the movies, right? Close Encounters of the Third Kind — you drew the costume!" he explains.

"Terrifying movie," says Christy.

"But that's your representation, which means it comes from media bombarding you with this. And, you were looking in the closet for aliens? I mean, really, if they have the ability to time travel, and they have the ability to come to Earth and adapt to our environment, do you think they are going to hide in your closet?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Well, it could've been aliens or ghosts in there. I had to check for both," she says.


"Again, why are you looking in the closet? In the movie, ET, where was the alien? It was in the closet! This isn't some encounter you've had, this is the fact that you've been bombarded by the movies and science fiction," says Dr. Phil. He turns on his playful side. "And why would you assume that if there are aliens, that he's going to come in and play a trick on you? Maybe he is hungry. Why would you assume that he is looking to do you harm rather than looking for a ham sandwich?"

"I never thought of it that way," says Christy.

"You're assuming an evil intent. If they're looking for you, you need to assume there might be some positive reason. Are you a good cook?"

"Not very well. That would not be it," she says.

"OK, that's not it. We can cross that off," says Dr. Phil.