What Are You Afraid of: Donna and Tim

What Are You Afraid of: Donna and Tim

"My biggest fear in life is watching scary movies. It gets burned in my mind, and I cannot forget it," says Donna. "When I was young, we went to see The Exorcist. I was so scared in the movie [theater] that I wet my pants. The movie Jaws terrified me so much, I won't even go to a beach or a lake. I'm terrified something might be in there to get me."

"Donna has been a scaredy cat ever since I've known her," says her husband of 15 years, Tim. "She is deathly afraid of crosses, Doberman pinschers, people who are bleeding or dead. It just freaks her out."

"I won't allow a dog in my house. No way," says Donna.

"She just thinks bad things are going to happen. The more she thinks about it, the worse it gets. Donna's imagination runs wild," says Tim, explaining that after watching The Devil's Advocate, Donna refused to allow the tape inside the house. "She freaked out. She thought it was possessed," he says. "I try to get Donna to watch scary movies with me because I want her to get over the fear and let her understand it's just Hollywood fiction."

"My husband teases me constantly. He calls me Boo because I'm scared of everything. Dr. Phil, why am I so scared of scary movies?" asks Donna.


"First off, the problem should be solvable in that you just don't watch scary movies, right? But you want her to watch them with you?" Dr. Phil asks Tim.

"Yeah, I think what's happened is her being scared of scary movies is just a surface thing because there's a bunch of other things she's afraid of too," says Tim.

"So you think she has some genuine fears, and that's why you're jumping out and scaring her all the time, to just nurture her pathology into a bigger issue?" jokes Dr. Phil.

"Yeah, it's kind of like the kid at the schoolyard that lets himself get teased, so he opens himself up for the other kids to tease him. So we have fun with her by teasing her," he explains.

"You don't find it humorous when they scare you, do you?" Dr. Phil asks Donna.

"No, I don't. I don't like it," she says.


"You know, there's only really one phobia," explains Dr. Phil. "We talk about fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of water, fear of all these things, but the real fear is only one, and that is the fear of losing control. Your fear is that if you had a dog in the house, you couldn't control the dog. If you got in the water, you can't control what else is in the water."

"You do like to control a lot of stuff," Tim tells his wife. "So I can see your point there."

Donna says she had a difficult time just getting herself to Los Angeles.

Dr. Phil understands. "It's getting on a plane, coming out here, afraid you're going to look silly, afraid I'm going to scare you. You can see I take it seriously. And I told your husband to quit scaring you because that ain't funny." He asks Tim, "Have you ever been really scared of something?"

"I'm scared of my mother-in-law," he jokes. "Just kidding. I'm just joking! Because her mom is going to be watching this."

"So what you're fearing right now, that's how she feels all the time," quips Dr. Phil. "No, really, it's not funny to her."

To alleviate Donna's fear of scary movies, Dr. Phil plays the trailer of Scary Movie 4, a humorous spoof on some of the recent horror movies that played in the theaters. Dr. Phil appears in the film, alongside basketball legend, Shaquille O'Neil. "There is going to be a real Oscar buzz around this one," he jokes.

Dr. Phil also shows Donna some behind-the-scenes moments of the film. "It gives you a different perspective and the only thing that might scare you is my acting."

David Zucker directs Dr. Phil in a scene with Shaq. "Today, we're going to hit you with concrete blocks, toilets and a huge light fixture," David tells him.

"Well, this will be fun," says Dr. Phil.

Robin watches the scene unfold, and later, gets her hands on one of Shaquille O'Neil's enormous shoes. "I have managed to steal this shoe from Shaq. Do you think I'll get away with it? If you see me walking around town, this is my new purse," she jokes.

Back on set, Dr. Phil gets hit in the head repeatedly with a giant pipe — or at least a soft foam replica of one — eliciting much laughter from the crew. Afterward, Dr. Phil jokes, "No hair for cushion, but hey, anything for the art. It's my art."

"He's as funny as anyone I've ever worked with," says David.

"I like working with Dr. Phil," says Shaq. "He's a great man, he has a great show, and he's a pretty good actor."

Dr. Phil enjoyed his experience with Shaq. "I'm, like, looking up at him, I guess like people do with me, so it's really kind of been an interesting study for me," he says.

Later, in a humorous photo shoot, Shaq holds Dr. Phil in his lap like a child.


Dr. Phil asks Donna if she understands it's all just fantasy.

"True, but when it ends, and he's at work at night, and I'm at home alone and I start thinking about it, then my mind starts to go," says Donna.

"Yeah, and you shouldn't watch those things. I mean, you can watch something like this, that's funny," he points out.

"He makes me," says Donna, gesturing toward her husband.

Dr. Phil disagrees. "No, no, he doesn't make you. I said there's a part of this that's about losing control. Exercise that control. You don't have to watch what you don't want to."

To help her demystify horror movies, Dr. Phil has a surprise. "Dimension Films is going to send you guys to a very special red carpet screening of Scary Movie 4 in New York City," he tells Donna and Tim.

"Oh, my God!" she exclaims.

"We're going to take you there in a limo, you're going to get a chance to see the stars in the movie. And L'Oreal Paris is going to give you a makeover the big night of the red carpet screening of Scary Movie 4."

"Oh, my God. Thank you so much," says Donna.

"Awesome. Thank you," says Tim.

Scary Movie 4 will be in movie theaters April 14.


Dr. Phil has one more surprise for Donna. He welcomes director David Zucker to the show.

David hands Dr. Phil the prop pipe that was used to hit him over the head in the

movie. "I brought it so you would feel at home," he says. David also brought a surprise for Donna. "We want to present you, on behalf of the studio, a walk-on speaking role in Scary Movie 5."

"Oh, my God, thank you," says Donna.

"Don't worry about a thing," David tells her. "As the director, I will walk you through it. Even Dr. Phil could do this. You'll have no problem. If you don't want to memorize a line, all you have to do is scream as we throw you off a 10-story building into a mob of zombies, who will then proceed to drink your blood. But this is going to be fine I think."