Breaking Down Stereotypes
Paul Mooney reads the top 10 stereotypes about African-Americans. "Number one: uneducated, ghetto, speaks Ebonics. Number two: lazy, on welfare, out-of-wedlock children. Number three: angry, the men are criminals, thugs. Women are whores. Men have large penises. Women have big butts. Love to eat watermelon and chicken. Can sing, dance and good at sports, and believe all white people are racist, except for you, Dr. Phil," he jokes.


Michael Graham reads stereotypes about white people.
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"Of course!" Dr. Phil says with a smile. He tackles the stereotype that most black males are criminals. "Of course, it's false. According to the Justice Department report, about 10.4 percent of the entire African-African male population in the U.S. between 25 and 29 is incarcerated. Now that is high compared to 2.4 percent of Hispanic men and 1.2 percent of white men. There's a lot of reasons for those statistics other than just a higher crime rate, but while those numbers are troubling, the percentage is definitely not the majority of black males, that means 89.6 percent. Nine out of 10 are not involved in jail, or crime or anything else."[AD]