Culture Clash
"I witnessed an Asian family take these very, very large carcasses that were wrapped in tarps out of their car," Vicki says. "It took two people to carry them into the house, two carcasses, and then, like, family after family after family of Asians were going over to that house, like, for their feast. I do know for a fact that my brother was served wolf."
"We call that a barbeque," Dr. Phil says.
Amon speaks up. "How many times have we seen Asian families going to eat hamburgers? How many times have we seen Asian families going to eat pizza?" he asks rhetorically. " But that's the kind of evidence that we don't allow, right? Indeed, we have the category that Asians do X, Y and Z, and if they don't do X, Y and Z, then they must be something else."
[AD]"My mom bought me a blonde wig and blue-eyed contact lenses for my first day of high school so I would 'do better,' so I'm not claiming that this is all from the outside," Kate says. She refers to Vicki's belief that Asians eat dogs. "That's like me saying white people are all serial killers. White people all have hoods ... There isn't the same sort of debate out in the media, and Asian-American kids across the country that I visit on college tour every year are committing suicide, taking drugs, going into depression, because they're simply not acknowledged as human beings in a country that they so badly want to participate in." [AD]
"Do you think you have a bias or a prejudice?" Dr. Phil asks Vicki.
"I definitely have a bias," she replies. 
Sharon, sitting next to her, says, "[The previous guest, Howard] said the thing about people move over off the sidewalk when he is around. I do that when I'm walking every morning, a three-mile walk, when I see an Asian person coming at me, because they won't move. They literally will run into you, and if you don't say, 'Excuse me' to them, they'll give you a dirty look."
"See that's bad manners, and it has nothing to do with nationality, ethnicity or race," Kate argues. "If you feel like that, you can speak to that. Maybe if things that they are doing are upsetting you, then the way to do it is to get with them and talk to them like human beings."

Dr. Phil brings a white staff member onstage. "How did you like the producers here, by the way?" he asks Vicki and Sharon.

"I absolutely adored Amy!" 

"Oh yeah, she's great!" Sharon agrees. "I never met her in person. I've only talked to her on the phone."

"Well, this is one of the producers that's on the team. This is Tami. Let's bring Amy out, that you absolutely loved."


Amy, who is Asian-American, walks out. She gives Vicki and Sharon a hug.

"Do you still like me now?" Amy teases the women.

"I love you more than ever!" Vicki says. [AD]

"Is there a nicer person in the world than Amy?" Dr. Phil asks. "Have you ever met anybody who was more accommodating to you than Amy?"

"Oh, she was great," Vicki replies.

Kate takes Vicki and Sharon to task. "Well, you guys like her because she speaks English, she's assimilated," she observes. She turns to Amy. "When they talk about a sort of diaspora of people that includes you, and then say, 'But not you, because you dress nice ""

"Yes, and that to me is a hidden bias, when they ask, 'Where are you really from?' Because Texas is not an acceptable answer for this face," Amy says.

Manny Maldonado reads the top 10 stereotypes of Hispanic Americans: "One, youth in gangs. Two, illegal immigrants and only speak Spanish.  Numero tres, homosexual felons. Four, love eating beans. Five, men are lazy. Six, women are easy. Seven, dirty. Eight, fiery and passionate. Nine, cram several people in one apartment or car. Ten, love playing soccer."
"Now that's an insult, absolutely," Michael jokes, referring to the number 10 stereotype.


Manny and several audience members discuss racial profiling.
Watch it now!
Watch it now!
"First of all, all of us cramming in a car, white people call it carpool," Manny counters. 
"One of the biggest myths is that most Hispanic Americans are illegal immigrants, so true or false?" Dr. Phil asks.
"That's absolutely false. Yeah, a lot of people get a misconception like, 'You're taking our jobs.' I'm like, 'Which one are you looking for?'" Manny responds. "I don't see you out there trying to pick some fruit, trying to be a mechanic, trying to be a housekeeper, trying to be a custodian, OK? ... I don't know if you noticed, we had the first Latino astronaut. He used to pick strawberries, and he just flew out to space."  [AD]
"Here's what the truth is: there are currently 51 million Hispanics in America compared to 11 million illegal immigrants, which are comprised not only of Hispanics, but Asians, Europeans, Canadians and the rest of the world," Dr. Phil explains. "So most Hispanics are not illegal immigrants."