Coincidence or Omen?
"Dr. Phil, when I was a kid, I used to have these dreams, premonition-type dreams, that my dad passed away. A few years ago, it did happen pretty close to the way I dreamed about it a long time ago," says Jaime on videotape. Now she worries about another loved one. "I have a recurring dream that somebody close to me has a heart attack, and I haven't told them. Should I be afraid of it coming true because of my past premonition dreams?"
"Is this a vivid dream for you?" Dr. Phil asks Jaime.
"Yes," she replies.
"You know who the person is?"
"It's the same person every time I have the dream," Jaime says. "Recently, I told the person I was worried about them. I know they're under a tremendous amount of stress."
[AD]"If I was your friend, and you were having this premonition about me, I would want to know it," Dr. Phil says. "You would feel really bad if you didn't say something, and he did have a heart attack."
"I agree with that," she answers.
"In the language of dreams, death is very often associated with transformation, metamorphosis. Not very many dreams are literal," Cynthia adds. "If you can look at it logically first, rule that out, but then look at it symbolically." She assures Jaime that she can't make something happen simply because she dreamed about it.
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