Whatever Happened To: Pierre

Has He Manned Up?

When Pierre first appeared on the show, he said he was caught in the middle of his controlling mom and his unhappy wife. During his last appearance, Pierre revealed he had divorced his wife, but his mother was still providing him with a luxurious lifestyle.


Now, Pierre says he's made a 180-degree turn. "I've got a great new job. I'm financially secure. I no longer have to rely on my mom," he reports. Pointing to a new car, he says, "This is my Mercedes that I bought with my own money. It's my car. Not my mom's at all. I got it thanks to the job that [job recruiter] Tony Beshara got me, and thank you, Dr. Phil!"
Pierre says he's excited about his life. "It's been a wonderful new freedom," he says. "Now that I've got my own money, I can do whatever I want. It's great."