Still a Diva?

When Shenek first appeared on Dr. Phil, she admitted that she chose her friends based on their appearance; and that she only liked pretty people. She also had a list of demands for the show producers: She requested that they change the spelling of her name to Shanique, because she believed that spelling to be more avant-garde, and she wanted to stop the show during commercials so she could change clothes. To demonstrate the first impression Shenek was making on others, Dr. Phil conducted an experiment. He asked three men who fit Shenek's ideal physical type to secretly watch her interview for the show and share their thoughts about her. One man compared her to a racist and reminded Shenek that African-Americans are already judged for their skin color, and advised that she not judge them further.


"You said you came here not for viewer approval, but for self-improvement. You got half of that, because you sure didn't have the viewer approval," Dr. Phil says. "So how are you doing on the self-improvement?"

"I decided to do a documentary on racism," Shenek says. "And I started back dating."

"Who measured up?" Dr. Phil asks.

"They didn't measure up. I was just bored," Shenek jokes. "But I'm starting a dating extravaganza. You can go to my Web site:, and I'm opening up my borders. I'm willing to date different people." But, she adds that she's still not going to date ugly guys.

"When you say you've loosened your boundaries, have you gone where you'll accept three [flaws] but not four, or two but not three?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No," Shenek says, explaining that previously she only dated black men. "Now, as long as you fit these requirements: if you're over 5-foot-11, if you're between 200 and 250 pounds and you know, nice, low haircut, then we can talk, regardless of your race," she explains. "And you need to be successful."

Dr. Phil asks Shenek if she behaved differently with the producers before this taping.

"This time it was different," she says. "I just sat back and relaxed. I let them do my hair this time. I let them put on makeup." She adds that last time she was on the show, she didn't say hello to Robin and she wanted to. She spots Robin in the audience and says, "I like you. I don't think you're ugly."

Dr. Phil says that this time, Shenek complained that her car pick-up time was too early, she still wanted her name spelled in the avant-garde way and that if the show was going to provide an outfit for her to wear, she only wanted to wear bebe brand clothing.

"That's what I'm wearing today, and I wore it on the last show. That's what I prefer," Shenek explains.

"You said you'd like it if we hooked you up with a black athlete," Dr. Phil says.

"I want someone who I'm physically attracted to," she says.

Dr. Phil mentions that Shenek told the show's stage manager that she didn't want to be seated too early because her hair wouldn't look right.

Shenek explains, "I didn't want to sit in the audience. It was crazy sitting in the audience … I didn't want to clap and all that crap, yelling and stuff."

"This isn't just some shtick you do to be on television," Dr. Phil says. "This is how you live your life, 365 days a year."

"You have to be true to yourself," Shenek says.

"How's your love life?" Dr. Phil asks.

"My love life sucks right now," Shenek admits with a laugh. "I want what I want, and I don't want to settle."

"Why do you reckon this isn't working too well for you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Because I haven't found who I want," she says. "There are a lot of guys who try to date me, and I will go out with them if I'm bored one night."

"Anybody in the audience you take a shine to?" Dr. Phil asks.

Shenek scans the audience. One man volunteers, but he's too short and doesn't weigh enough for her. A fresh-faced 6-foot-4 guy stands up, but Shenek says 6-foot-2 is her height limit.

"Good luck in finding who you're looking for," Dr. Phil says to Shenek.