A Brighter Future

Sylvia recently appeared on Dr. Phil for help coping with the loss of her husband, a marine who died not on the battlefield, but in a tragic car accident. She was seven months pregnant, raising twin 4-year-old girls and struggling financially. The Dr. Phil show provided her with a car and a check to help her get through the difficult period.

Days away from delivering her baby daughter, Sylvia joins the show via Web cam. "How are you doing?" Dr. Phil asks her.

"Much better," she replies.

"How are the twins?" Dr. Phil asks.

Sylvia says they recently turned 5, and she gave them a birthday party. "They had a good time," she shares. "It was a time that we could celebrate and be happy as a family as opposed to dealing with everything that we have been dealing with for the last three months."

"I know it's been really difficult and I know that one of your twins had been talking about wanting to 'join' Daddy in heaven, and that she's actually stopped doing that now and seems to be making an adjustment. Is that true?" Dr. Phil asks.

Sylvia says her daughter speaks with a therapist, and her attitude is getting better. "The therapist gave me suggestions on how to deal with it and talk to her and different things that she can do," she says. "She's looking forward to being a big sister and helping me more with the baby, as opposed to the past."

Dr. Phil tells Sylvia he has another surprise for her. A producer hands her an envelope. She opens it and finds a check for $37,500.

"Since your show aired, thousands of viewers from all over the country have reached out. They've sent cards, they've sent baby clothes, they've sent checks to The Dr. Phil Foundation," Dr. Phil says. "So far, $37,500 has been raised to help you and your three girls, and we're just so proud to be able to share that money with you."

"Thank you so much," Sylvia says. "It's a blessing."

The Bank of Yazoo has agreed to act as Sylvia's trustee, and bank president Griffin Norquist promises to provide Sylvia with financial planning advice.


Sylvia's baby daughter Ja'nya was born November 3, 2008.

Watch Sylvia's message to everyone who donated to help her and her daughters.