Cojo's Anti-Aging Style Tips
Cojo shares his important anti-aging styling tips. "A lot of women are stuck in a rut. They're still living in a time warp," he says. "I'm going to show you some mistakes and how to look years and years younger."

Cojo holds up what he calls a granny doily dress. "Style solution," he says, "you've got to update, ladies. Get out of the comfort zone." He shows a leopard dress and a yellow sleeveless dress as more modern alternatives.

Next, it's time for new shoes. He holds up a Birkenstock and a white sneaker. "I understand women want to be comfortable. They want to wear a sneaker, but unless you're jogging or pole vaulting, I think that I have a good replacement," he says. "This is a little younger: the flat, the classic flat."

"I'm about to expose a horrible plague on America," Cojo continues. "The whitewash mom jeans! Huge infraction. So aging." He says the solution is a pair of dark denim jeans. "Anything
darker is going to start to slim you down," he shares. "These are some very basic tips to make you feel better, to make you look better. Follow some of these things, I promise you, it will take years, peel years off of your age."