Mom Makeovers Revealed!

Robin and Cojo strategize on new styles for the women from head to toe, and the women reveal their new look for the first time to their family



Examining pictures of Lisa at a retail store, Cojo discusses her appearance with Robin. "Whether she likes it or not, Lisa, we're going to chop off the hair. I see it shorter. I see it more wavy, more sexy," he says.

Lisa makes her grand entrance into the studio.

"You look beautiful," Robin tells her.

"Two big thumbs up," says Eric, Lisa's husband. "Beautiful. Amazing."

"Do you like the new look?" Dr. Phil asks Lisa.


"I love it," she says. "I feel 35."

"What happened to the overall shorts?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I think I'll burn them," Lisa says with a laugh.

As Cojo looks at Sally's profile, he first comments on her shoes. "She looks like a granola girl here," he says. "The Birkenstocks are kind of scary, and she looks like she was left over from Woodstock."

"There's no reason for her to be wearing those jeans so baggy," Robin adds.


In the studio, Sally walks onstage with her new look.

"You look fantastic," Dr. Phil says.

Dennis, Sally's husband who hasn't seen her in a few days, says, "It's wonderful."

"What's the biggest difference for you?" Dr. Phil asks Sally.

"The hair," she says.

"Your hair is adorable on you. You look 20 years younger," Robin tells her.

"You look sassy," Cojo adds.


Robert Reames explains that Sally was holding a lot of water in the beginning. "We went with a lot of non-starchy vegetables, unlimited amounts during the day, and she hit the green tea really hard, which initially helped her shed a lot of that water," he says.

"She's got a wild side. She rides motorcycles," Cojo says on tape of Joanne. "She needs more gold in her hair to really brighten up her hair, and I think she needs a little chop. I think we should give her a biker-chic look."

Joanne struts onto the stage wearing fitted jeans, a sexy top and a silver leather jacket.

"How do you feel?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm ready to get my motors running," she says with a smile. "I feel great."

"You've lost nine inches," Dr. Phil points out. 


"Haven't you also noticed that the shorter hair lifts

them all," Cojo points out. "When you get to a certain age, long hair really weighs you down."

On tape, Robin looks at Evelyn's picture and says to Cojo, "She needs to get back to looking 40, because she says she feels 50."

"I looked at her and I saw red," Cojo says. "Go bold with her."

Evelyn enters Dr. Phil's studio showing off her new look.

"You look beautiful," Robin says.

"How do you feel?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Smokin' hot," says Evelyn, who's lost 18 inches and now has 21 percent body fat.

Dr. Phil asks Robert Reames, "What all have you done here?"

"One of the main things, exercise-wise, is strength training. You'll not only
lose weight, lose body fat, you will transform your body, and she hit the weights really hard over the last five weeks," he says. He adds that she is also making better food choices. "She wasn't resting. She was sleeping four to five hours a night and was not eating breakfast, so we bumped that up to eight to nine hours a night, kicking in a really good, strong breakfast."

Janet Harris, who worked with Evelyn on her skin, explains, "We really addressed the acne scarring. We did an advanced photo-facial, and I put her on a home scar cream to lighten and reduce the scarring. Then we really addressed her cellulite, because she was really sensitive about the cellulite on the front and back of her thighs. We did VelaShape treatments and put her on a home cellulite reduction cream, too."

In addition to workouts with Robert and skin treatments with Janet, Robin arranged for Evelyn to participate in hormone treatments at The Hall Center in Santa Monica, California, a facility where Robin sought help for balancing her own hormones. "This place offers anything from natural hormone therapy " which is important to me " fatigue, weight gain, thyroid issues, and they are so good and attentive," Robin says.

When Robin and Evelyn meet at The Hall Center, Evelyn describes the symptoms she's having. "I'm tired all the time. My menstrual cycles have been a little haywire, putting on some weight," she shares.

Evelyn sits down with Dr. Prudence Hall, who has examined her blood work. "The goal is, when you lose a hormone, give yourself back that same hormone," she tells her.

Evelyn also met with Dr. Howard Liebowitz to discuss her diet. "The reason this diet is so important is that as your blood sugar rises, your insulin levels rise, and your insulin actually produces inflammation," he tells her.

Evelyn's thyroid is also checked.

In his studio, Dr. Phil asks Dr. Liebowitz, "You said that the insulin/sugar combination can cause inflammation in the body. What do you mean?"

"One of the things that happens to women as they go into menopause is their metabolism starts to change. When their metabolism start
s to change, their blood sugar rises, and it's not controlled as well. That's why so many women in menopause gain weight," he explains. "A lot of women have a very hard time losing that weight because they've lost their hormones, and they don't have the same metabolism as they had before."

Robin also arranged for Karlyne to meet with the doctors at The Hall Center.

Karlyne shares her symptoms with Robin. "Hot flashes are constant, insomnia," she says.

Karlyne's last hot flash was 10 days ago. "She says she started sleeping like a baby just days into the program," Dr. Phil says, in his studio.

Karlyne walks onstage wearing a formfitting dress.

"You look fabulous," Dr. Phil tells her. He points out that before the booty camp, Karlyne was a size 16, and now
she's a size 4.

All the women also had their eyebrows shaped at Valerie Beverly Hills, their hair styled at Gavert Atelier and their teeth whitened by Dr. Alan Zweig. The new outfits were provided by Elie Tahari and Saks Fifth Avenue of Beverly Hills.

Dr. Phil tells the women, "I am so proud of the hard work that y'all have done." They will each receive a day filled with spa treatments at the La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California. He also presents each with a David Yurman classic cable bracelet. "Robin wanted to pick something out for you ladies," Dr. Phil says. "It's sterling silver, 14 karat gold and blue topaz, to help you remember to take care of yourself every time that you look down at this."

The women express their gratitude with tears in their eyes.