Surprise Trip

The women meet in Beverly Hills, and a limousine picks them up. They have no idea where they're headed, and the suspense is overwhelming.


"We're dying of anticipation," one woman declares.

"We are really, really excited," another adds.


When Robin walks out the front door of her house and greets the women, they scream with excitement. "I have a lot of surprises in store for you today," she says.

Dora, a chef, has prepared some low-calorie treats for the women to eat, including: smoked salmon and whole wheat lavosh, butter lettuce chicken cups and Parmesan crisps topped with hickory smoked cheddar cheese.

As the women enjoy the delicious snacks, Robin says, "The main reason that I wanted to do this for y'all and for all women is to give that message that it's not selfish to take care of yourself."
Robin takes the women into the living room and surprises them with gifts, including: Fila workout gear, a MIO heart-rate monitor, an iPod nano and iPod nano Belkin Armband and car adaptor from J & R Music and Computer World, a one-month free membership to YogaWorks, Lady Primrose bath and body products, a Peacock Alley robe, and designer sunglasses from the Optical Shop of Aspen.

The women reflect on their exciting day with Robin. As they return to the limousine, Sally says, "When we saw Robin, it was a shock."

"I just couldn't believe my eyes," Joanne adds.

"I started crying," Lisa shares.

"Thank you, Dr. Phil and Robin, for an incredible day!" the women exclaim in unison.