What's Age: women

Robin selected five moms in their 40s and 50s to makeover and help reverse the signs of aging.


Lisa, 45


"Help! I need help, Robin," says Lisa. "I've become the frumpy mom I swore I would never become." She shows how her stomach hangs over her jeans, and her arms lack muscle tone. She adds that she hates her dry hair. "I just had a baby last year when I was 44. She's kind of the reason that right now I look like I do."


Pointing to her cheeks, Lisa says, "I've got the brown pregnancy mask. I've got the hair growing in places that it normally doesn't grow." She's ready to make a change. "With the weight, and all of this," she says, pointing to her face, "I'm just not feeling pretty anymore." 

Sally, 53 


Sally says her biggest problem is her hair. "It's been like this the majority of my life. You'll see pictures, and you can see the roots. I haven't had it dyed for awhile. It's been like this for years." She adds that her weight has also fluctuated, and now she's at her heaviest.

Joanne, 56 



"I need a makeover. I'm 56 years old. I wear makeup from the 60s. I get my hair styled from the 70s. I wear scrunchies from the 80s, and I've got mom pants from the 90s," says Joanne. She also laments, "My sagging face!" Her family pleads for Robin's help as well.

Evelyn, 40


Evelyn wants help with what she calls her blegs. "Blegs are when your butt and your legs connect. Robin, I have got to get rid of these blegs!"


Evelyn also complains about her skin. "I'm still fighting acne, and I have all these dark patches from years of abusing the sun," she says, pointing to the skin around her eyes. "I've had so much going on in my life; I've lost sight of myself and what I need to do for me. I want people to look at me and just see a beautiful woman."


Evelyn is a single mom to three daughters, and her oldest is expecting a child. "I don't want to be an old lady grandma."

Karlyne, 45 


Karlyne participated in Dr. Phil's "Booty Camp" series four years ago and lost 31 pounds. She has since lost an additional 23 pounds and recently e-mailed the show about her struggles with menopause. "Menopause is crazy. I've got hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and no sex drive. Robin, I need your help," she frets. 

Robin consulted her personal Rolodex to find the best experts to help the five women achieve their goals. Personal trainer and nutrition expert Robert Reames got the women moving and eating right, and skincare expert Janet Harris, of the Skin Rejuvenation Center in Beverly Hills, California created a program to get their skin looking fresher and younger. 


Robert Reames visits Evelyn at her home. "Robin has sent me to get you in shape," he tells her. Evelyn weighs in at 154 pounds and has 25 percent body fat.  After taking her measurements, Robert combs through Evelyn's cabinets and refrigerator, pointing out the dangerous foods, including, Butter Lover's popcorn, chocolate and lard.

At Joanne's house, Robert works with her on a cardio routine. When she says that she doesn't sweat, Robert informs her, "I think you're going to sweat today. We're going to change that."


With all the women, Robert focuses on pulling and pushing motion exercises to work the legs, core and upper body.


Next, the women meet with Janet Harris, who helps Robin take care of her skin. Robin asks Evelyn, "When you look in the mirror, what do you see that bothers you the most?"

"The acne scarring on my face, and then I would really like smaller thighs," she reveals.

Janet uses a VelaShape machine to slim down Evelyn's thighs.

The other four women also visit with Janet to receive professional skincare treatments, including: microdermabrasion, laser photo facials and moisture masks.

In the studio, Robert Reames shares that he put all the women on Dr. Phil's 14-day Rapid Start Plan.  


Robert also created an exercise routine for the women to get them active and breaking a sweat. "Everybo

dy's at a different level, and you need to optimize your own individual level. If you can do that, you'll have success," he says.


Robin asks Janet Harris, "What do you think is the number one, the first treatment all women should start with when they're taking care of their skin?"


"I think the organic microdermabrasion is a great, simple start and then your home care routine," she says.