A Sign of the Times?

When Tasha's daughter, Coretha, received bad grades, she made the teen wear a sign at a busy intersection that read: I don't do my homework. I act up in school, so my parents are preparing me for my future. Will work for food.

Mother and daughter join the show via telephone.

"Coretha, what did you think about it when it happened to you?" Dr. Phil asks.
"At first, I was very embarrassed, but she did tell me that she was going to do it, and I really did think she was bluffing," she replies.

Tasha chimes in, "I train my children, ‘If you're doing something that the whole world shouldn't know about, then that must be something you shouldn't be doing to begin with.'" [AD]

Dr. Phil addresses Coretha. "How old were you at the time?" he asks.

"I was 14," she answers.

"How did you finish up in high school?"

"I graduated valedictorian. My grades were perfect almost," she says proudly.
"I'm not sure that I agree that we need to humiliate our kids to prepare them to be humiliated," Dr. Phil quips, "but I cannot argue with the results."