Murder for Hire?

"Jason is the man I've loved for so long," says Karen. The pair has been together for over 11 years. "My in-laws have loved and cared about me, and the children and my husband, especially."


A year ago Karen's world changed. Both of Karen's daughters, ages 16 and 10, accused Jason of molesting them. "My oldest daughter accused my husband of raping her at gunpoint," Karen reveals. "I felt sick, horrified." Jason is currently in jail, charged with 44 counts of sexual molestation, rape and solicitation to commit murder.


"My in-laws are currently behind bars waiting trial for attempted murder," Karen adds. "My mother- and father-in-law are really evil people. My in-laws attempted to hire a hit man to have their grandchildren and me executed. Lucky for me, the hit man was an undercover cop. My in-laws would rather kill than have their son exposed as a wrong-doer ... My in-laws have a warped way of thinking. They saw my daughter as a traitor. My mother-in-law accused me of betraying my husband."


The police set up a sting operation. "They got my mother-in-law on tape," Karen explains. According to police, she wanted Karen killed, the children killed and even the dog killed. "It's devastating."


On the hidden video, an undercover agent acting as a hit man says, "When I go in there, I'm leaving no witnesses. They're all gone. Are you OK with that? Yes or no?"  


"Yes," Karen's mother-in-law replies. "I know this is going to sound really cold: all of them."


"The hit man was supposed to kill us by shooting us in the head execution style, take pictures of us and then give them to [Jason's] parents," Karen explains. "Without us to testify, there would be no trial, and this all would just go away."


The incident changed

Karen and her children's lives forever. "I can't be normal anymore. I am still in fear of my life and my children's lives. I'm afraid that somebody else is going to come and kill us. They have family that blame me for everything," she says, turning to Dr. Phil for help. "I want to feel safe. I want my kids to feel safe. Can you please help us?"

"What did you think when they knocked on your door and told you what was going on?" Dr. Phil asks


"I didn't know what to think. They told me my husband had put a hit out on me, and that we needed to go somewhere," she says. "My immediate thought at that point was my in-laws had to be involved, because they have always been the financiers behind anything my husband's done or had done."


Dr. Phil introduces Dan Connelly, the lead investigator in the case,

who was at the hotel room when Karen's mother-in-law was arrested.


"And of course, everybody's pleading not guilty, but they've all been charged, right?" Dr. Phil asks. 

"Yes, they've all been charged, and they're awaiting trial," Dan says.

"What do your children understand about all of this at this point?" Dr. Phil asks Karen.

"My children know that my husband and their grandparents have a problem, that they aren't normal, that they wanted them dead," she says. 


Karen notes that her children are receiving professional help, but her oldest daughter is not doing well. "It's not working. Nothing we do is working," she says

, tearing up. 

"You have to be patient with this," Dr. Phil advises. He tells Karen that he wants to monitor the situation. "If there are some additional things that might need to be done or can be done, by all means, we're going to step up and help you with that."

"That would be wonderful," Karen says. 

Dr. Phil explains that her mother-in-law's attorney refused to give the show a comment. The attorney representing Jason on the conspiracy charges did not return phone calls despite numerous attempts. "However, [Jason's] attorney for the molestation charges said, 'Jason Jackson has pleaded not guilty,'" Dr. Phil says. As for Karen's father-in-law, Robert Jackson, "His attorney stated that his client, 'Denies participating in a scheme to murder witnesses offered against his son.' He goes on to say, 'No conspiracy existed for Mr. Jackson to participate in a murder-for-hire scheme,' and that he denies all knowledge of any such plan or scheme."