Where'd the Money Go?: Tamela, Sean

The Simple Life
Dr. Phil talks to man who's collectibles has gotten him into nearly $30,000 worth of debt.

All this year, Dr. Phil has been putting the spotlight on America's phenomenal families. One family from Madisonville, Kentucky has their financial act together.

Tamela, mother of three, reveals, "Our household income is $60,000 a year, and we have very little debt."

Her husband Sean helps teach their children the value of money. "We do not give our kids an allowance. We give our kids an income," he reveals.

The family has only two credit cards and budgets about $150 every two weeks for groceries. They also save money by shopping at Wal-mart, Kmart and consignment shops. "My husband drives a Toyota Avalon. I drive a Ford Windstar. These are vehicles we can afford," Tamela says. "I would love to nominate my family as a phenomenal family. We would like to challenge anyone in America to come on down to our home and live the simple life with us."

Shelbie Diane, 7, stands in the door saying, "Hey America, our door's wide open so come on down."
When the Serratelli family isn't around, Dr. Phil explains that they're in for a surprise. "They think they're here to interview with my son, Jay and to see a show. I'm going to go outside and get them up on stage, where they think they're going to just take a picture with me. Then Jay is going to go out and surprise them. They're going to find out they're getting a total family makeover including a whole new house," he says.

When Dr. Phil brings the Serratelli family up on stage, Jay runs out from the audience and tells them they have been selected for the Fox show Renovate My Family. Hosted by Jay, this home improvement show will feature makeover professionals to help redecorate and restore the Serratelli's home. "The experts are already at your house," Jay says, showing footage of the construction work being done.

The family thanks Jay.

Renovate My Family airs on Fox. Check local listings for times.