Embarrassed by Her Mom?
"My self-esteem is at an all-time low. And I think that on the outside, I have a pretty face, but down below, it's not," Leslie says. "My weight is approximately 350 pounds. I don't feel attractive. With my weight, who's going to want this? Food has become my drug of choice. It numbs that pain that I feel because Hannah and I fight. Food has become my companion, food has become my friend. Whenever anybody else lets me down, food has always been there."

"My greatest fear in my relationship with my mom is losing her, and her just not waking up in the morning," Hannah says. "Her weight causes stress for her. So if you put the weight and the stress from us fighting together, it's not a good outcome. My mom could have a stroke or a heart attack, and that's what I'm scared of. I don't want her to die."

Hannah tells Dr. Phil that her mother's weight does affect their relationship. "When I want to do things, like walk outside or something, I'm going to want her to come with me, so we can walk and spend time with each other, but she never wants to because she gets tired really easily. She gets tired, and it's a struggle for her, and she's not ever up for anything because of her weight." She looks at her mother. "It's not that I'm embarrassed of you. I'm not embarrassed; I just want to spend more time with you."

Leslie and Hannah share a moment onstage.

[AD]How do you feel about the fact that you just had what I thought was a very reasonable and healthy conversation with your daughter?" Dr. Phil asks Leslie.

"It was probably one of the first ones," she says, smiling.

"See, I'm really good," he jokes. "It only took 15 years to have a 30-second conversation without yelling, screaming, choking, and no knives were involved."

Hannah laughs.
Hannah says she's not proud of her behavior toward her mother when she's angry.

"You really are old enough that it's time for you to start doing some really mature choices," Dr. Phil tells Hannah. "You can calm down and start recognizing the two of you are in this together."

Dr. Phil explains to Hannah that her mother's low self-esteem began long before she was born. He turns to Leslie. "The truth is, you've had some really bad things happen to you when you were growing up, right?"

"Yes, sir," she says.

[AD]"People were really inappropriate with you, and it really changes the way you feel about yourself," Dr. Phil says. "If you think you're just really unattractive, then you don't have to deal with relationships, do you? And you don't have to deal with intimacy, and so it's real easy to kind of hide in there, isn't it?"

"Yes, sir."

"But isn't it really lonely in there?"

"Very lonely," Leslie says.

"And then you get really frustrated. And who's a handy target?"

Dr. Phil tells her that he doesn't believe Hannah has ADHD, as she's been diagnosed. "In 70 percent of the cases, that diagnosis is wrong," he says. "ADHD is a very real syndrome. It is a very genuine, neurologically-based syndrome, and when you treat it with medication for that syndrome when they don't have it, it can be a real problem."

Dr. Phil says the medication Hannah has been on, since as early as 12, may not be helping her, and may even be making her worse. He says he's not making excuses for Hannah, but she needs to be fully evaluated.

He tells Hannah, "You need to get your education, honest to God, or you're going to have a crummy life. Get your education. Get through school and quit being such a brat at school."

The teen nods.

He tells Leslie it's time to start taking care of herself, so she can be there for her daughter and can model better behavior. He offers Leslie help with the experts on The Doctors, to get her evaluated medically. "And, we're going to get you in shape. Now, there's a new cast member on that show by the name of Jillian Michaels, and she is your new best friend," he says.

[AD]"Oh, my God," Leslie says.

A shocked Hannah looks to her mom. "Oh, my God, Mom. You're going to get beat up!" she says.

"Yes," Dr. Phil agrees. "You think she's a problem; wait until little Jillian gets her hooks into you."