Shredded Vows
Rheta filed for divorce about a year ago but didn’t sign the papers because Mark begged her not to. “Some days we’re best friends. Other days we are constantly at each other’s throats,” she says in a previous interview. <br><br>Mark says that the past three years of their marriage in particular have been rocky. He says that during one fight, Rheta tore their wedding vows to shreds, and during another argument — most likely about his mother — she took off her wedding ring and hasn’t worn it since. “It hurts.”<br><br>Back onstage, Dr. Phil displays the couple’s torn vows. “How’d you feel the first time you read these?” he asks Rheta. <br><br>Choking back tears, she replies, “Wonderful.”&nbsp; <br><br>Dr. Phil tells her that it appears she put a lot of thought into writing the vows. He also notes that she and Mark have three beautiful daughters. “And it’s all coming apart,” he tells her. He gathers the pieces of paper in his hands, turns to Deb and says, “You know, Deb, this is their life.” <br><br>“I know that,” Deb responds. <br><br>He asks if she’s willing to learn a new way of interacting with Mark and Rheta.<br><br>“I’m absolutely willing,” Deb replies. <br><br>“You have two choices: You can keep your ticket on the bitter bus, or you can choose to forgive and have an accepting spirit going forward,” Dr. Phil tells Deb. He says she needs to give Mark and Rheta a chance to find their way in this world. “They don’t need you riding in on your white horse — whether they think it’s a money horse or over-involved horse or whatever — and fixing everything.”<br><br><a href="#" onclick="overlayVideo(854); return(false);"><img class="icon" src="" border="0">Dr. Phil sets Deb and Rheta straight about cutting the cord.</a><br><br>Dr. Phil tells Rheta that she needs to forgive Deb and work on moving forward, while maintaining a willing spirit. <br><br>[AD]“I want to start fresh,” Rheta tells Deb. “I don’t want to live like this anymore.” <br><br>"I don’t either,” Deb says. <br><br>Dr. Phil points out to Deb that she may have to bite her tongue if she doesn’t support Mark and Rheta’s parenting decisions. “They’re not going to parent these children perfectly. But have you parented yours perfectly?” he asks her.&nbsp; <br><br>“Absolutely not,” Deb replies. <br><br><br>Dr. Phil turns to Mark and Rheta and says, “This isn’t a conversation I wanted Mom to be involved in.” With Deb now seated in the audience, he shows them the couple their torn vows and says, “This is not OK with me.” He asks Rheta, “Are you going to cut and run on this marriage and family, or are you going to step up and work through this process?”

[AD]“I had a conversation with God about this a while ago, and I decided I’m in it — good, bad or the ugly. I’m leaving it in God’s hands,” Rheta responds.

Dr. Phil asks Mark what he would like to say to his wife.

See what grand gesture Mark has in store for Rheta!