Worst Spouse In America: Jeff and Monica

Worst Spouse In America: Jeff and Monica
Robin McGraw and Elizabeth Mayhew of Real Simple Magazine surprise a couple with a family room makeover that suits both their tastes.

Before and After

Elizabeth Mayhew, Style Editor for Real Simple Magazine teamed up with Robin McGraw to come up with a makeover plan for Jeff and Monica's family room. After they discussed colors, accent pieces and fabrics, Elizabeth went to Pottery Barn to pull it all together.

"Jeff, you were right," says Elizabeth. "A family room does need to be comfortable. And you know what, Monica? It can be pretty too."

Before the transformation, a seascape painting (which Monica hoped to get rid of) hung above the old sofa. During the makeover, the walls were painted in a warm, rich tone and new furniture was brought in. "The sofa now faces the fireplace and feels like a cozy and comfortable place to be," says Elizabeth.

The large sofa was replaced with a smaller loveseat, which fit the space better.
The armoire was painted to contrast with the new color of the walls.
"We wanted to bring more light into the room and added some glass and silver," says Elizabeth, indicating the new mirror, candlesticks and accessories added to the mantel. "It's sparkly, pretty and clean."

Elizabeth replaced the vinyl recliner that Jeff loved (and Monica hated) with a new leather chair. "It doesn't even look like a recliner," says Elizabeth, "but it is!"
What does Jeff think about the makeover? Is he upset that his favorite chair was replaced?

"You know what?" says Jeff. "It's a leather chair. I don't care what color it is. It's perfect. I like the dark color. I love it!"

"I love it!" adds Monica.

Wanting to reassure Jeff, Dr. Phil says, "I just want you to know, if you just can't live without your chair, it's sitting in your garage."

"It's OK?" asks Jeff.

"It's OK," says Dr. Phil. "But we wanted to give you a new recliner so you could have the best of both worlds."