Worst Valentine: Makeover

Worst Valentine: Makeover

One fashion-challenged mom writes:

Hi, Dr. Phil and Robin:

I need help with a spicy Valentine's Day makeover so I can bolster my self-esteem. Let's face it. After seven years of marriage and two beautiful, wonderful kids, I'm sort of in a fashion rut, wearing sweat shirts, jeans and sneakers every day. I'd love to look as good on the inside and out as I did on my wedding. I think Reese Witherspoon and Carrie Underwood are very glamorous. Could you help me with a wonderful, spicy Valentine's Day makeover?

Thanks so much!


Dr. Phil shows a picture of Jennifer dressed casually, then she struts her stuff onstage in a festive frock.

"You look beautiful!" Robin marvels.

Dr. Phil turns to Jennifer's husband, Michael, in the a

udience. "What do you think?" he asks.

"She's going to be beautiful to me, no matter what," he replies. He turns to his beloved. "I love you to death. Happy Valentine's Day, and I hope you're happy."

Jennifer blows her husband a kiss.

Michelle writes:


Hi, Dr. Phil and Robin:

My husband has grease and dirt under his fingernails, the same haircut and is always wearing jeans and a T-shirt. We own a small-town auto body shop, so you could say he maintains a car better than himself!

I want to make him over in a more classic way, like George Clooney. Please help me by helping him.

Brian proves that he cleans up well. He saunters onstage, and Michelle can't stop beaming.

"Very handsome," Robin observes.

"What do you think, Michelle?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Amazing. Totally amazing," she says with a huge smile. "You saw the pictures. He usually is in the jeans, the hunting and fishing T-shirts. He looks amazing. We could actually go to dinner, and I don't have to worry about it."

Valerie Sarnelle of Valerie Beverly Hills did Jennifer's makeup, and Stuart Gavert of Gavert Atelier Salon styled Jennifer and Brian's hair. JC Penney provided their star-styled looks, and Jennifer will receive a red-carpet wardrobe.