Young Girls: Extreme Sexual Exploitation: Kacie, Vicki

An Eight-Day Nightmare
“I was living a pretty normal life as a teenager. I wouldn’t have ever imagined something like this happening to me. Never," Kacie says of her ordeal. "I met a guy through a mutual friend, and we started hanging out. He said that he wanted to go to a grocery store and get something to drink. We got the drinks; we went out to his car. A car that I had never seen before pulled up. There were three people that I had known, and they asked if I wanted to go play pool with them. I got in the car with them. I ended up drinking with them. I got bored playing pool, so we decided to head back. I was asking who was going to be able to take me home. There was a guy who went with us who I had never seen before. He seemed like a normal guy. He said, ‘I’ll take you home.’ I got in the car, and we started going down the street. He took me to his house. He grabbed my arm as we got out of the car. My whole body got tense. My heart stopped, and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I’m going to die.’”

“We realized that Kacie hadn’t come home, and at that point, I did start to panic,” remembers Kacie’s mother, Vicki. “I knew that something was not right.”

[AD]Kacie found herself in a nightmare that lasted for eight long days. “The next morning, he told me we were going for a car ride. We got out, and [we were] at a hotel. We went up to the room. He would bring me vodka, and he was putting roofies in the drinks. I don’t remember a lot. I was always out of it. He put an ad on Craigslist to sell me for sex. He was going to prostitute me out. He explained that if I didn’t do what he asked me to do, he would go back for my family,” Kacie says.

“He got a couple of calls and said, ‘Somebody will be here. You need to have sex with them and then put the money in a spot where they can’t see it. If you don’t do that, I’m going to kill you,’” she remembers. “While I was in that hotel, I was forced to have sex with four random strangers.”
“I felt so helpless, knowing that she was out there,” Vicki says. “We began calling law enforcement, but I was told, ‘She’s a runaway, and there’s nothing we can do for you.’ I argued with them: ‘My daughter did not run away from home.’”

“After a couple of days, we had gotten back into the car again. We arrived at a motel,” Kacie says. “These two African-Americans came up to us. They were called gorilla pimps. And that’s when he sold me. Gorilla pimps are more violent. They abuse, they rape their girls. There were two rooms that were connected, so if you went inside, there was a door, and it would lead to one of the other rooms in the motel, and there were two other girls who were also prostitutes. I was very afraid of the two men. They would always hit me. The bigger one raped me also. They were putting ads on Craigslist for me. I was forced to have sex probably more than 20 times.”

“My daughter was missing for eight days. Waiting each second was an eternity. It was like time stood still,” Vicki remembers tearfully. “I just remember looking out the window, waiting and praying that any second, any second, she’s going to come home.”

Kacie breaks down in tears. “I didn’t know if I was ever going to see them again,” she says about her family. Eventually, Kacie was able to reach out for help. “I got ahold of one of the cell phones that the pimps were using. The first number that came to my head was a friend from high school. I said, ‘I need help.’ The detectives traced the phone to the hotel, and that’s when they found me.”

[AD]“When I learned about what happened to Kacie, my world literally turned upside down,” Vicki says.

“As soon as I got home, my whole family ran out,” Kacie remembers, crying. “I was glad to be home.”

Kacie wants to know how to move on. “I still have very, very scary nightmares. Some of them seem like they’re real. I want to ask Dr. Phil how to cope with my emotions the right way and how to cope with all the bad dreams that I’m still having.”
Dr. Phil points out that Kacie wasn’t out doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing; she was just going to a grocery store with a friend. “You knew these people who pulled up in a car?” he asks.

“A few of them, yes. They were kind of acquaintances,” she says. Kacie says that when she was taken to the driver’s house, he told her that his parents were home and to be quiet. “It was a really, really big house. You couldn’t really hear anybody,” she says.

“You didn’t know him, but he seemed nice at first?” Dr. Phil asks.

Kacie says at first, he behaved like a gentleman with manners.

According to a news report, the online ad consisted of a telephone number and a photo of Kacie in her underwear. The ad offered sex with her for $200 an hour, $150 for a half hour.

[AD]“He puts this ad up online and immediately starts getting calls, right?” Dr. Phil asks.


Kacie says several people came to the door and arrangements were made before she was raped. Because of the drugs she was given, she doesn’t remember much at this point. “I couldn’t feel anything. I don’t remember anything. I mean, there is very little stuff that I remember. I remember a couple of the men’s faces that came to the door. That’s really about it,” she says.

“It was like my world was literally turned upside down and feeling just all of the breath and the life go out of me.”
Kacie opens up about the unhealthy choices she’s making, and Vicki explains the impact on their entire family.

Dr. Phil points out that the men involved knew Kacie’s family and knew she had an older sister. “This is why parents need to not assume just because they’re in the neighborhood, that it’s OK, it’s safe, because it’s not,” he says.

How can Kacie cope with her trauma?

[AD]Dr. Phil offers Kacie specialized help with qualified professionals. She accepts.

“Thank you so much,” Vicki says.