I Screwed Up!": Dave and Julie"
Foot-in-Mouth Disease?
"I love my wife more than anything," says Dave, who called his new bride by his ex-wife's name on their honeymoon.

"My initial reaction was absolute fear and hurt. My fear was that I had done the wrong thing in marrying him," says his wife Julie. "I eventually forgave him because I love him."

But two and half years into their marriage, Dave called Julie by his ex-wife's name again.

"I was married 18 years before I met Dave," says Julie. "I've never called Dave by my ex-husband's name. Why did he marry me if that's still in his mind?"

"I have no excuse," says Dave, whose previous marriage lasted 21 years.

Other than these incidents, Julie says that Dave is a wonderful husband.

Dr. Phil explains that there are ingrams in the brain, electrical connections that can misfire, especially because Dave spent 21 years with his ex-wife, Lisa, and was used to saying her name. "It really is nothing more than just a slip," Dr. Phil tells Julie, "and if you read anything into it in the absence of anything else, then it would really be doing yourself and your husband a disservice...It truly can be a neurological slip of the tongue and it doesn't mean that he wants to be with her."

Dr. Phil reiterates that Julie should not read into it to the point that it causes a further rift in her marriage. Then he jokes that Dave might want to consider getting a tattoo with his wife's name!