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Brent Atkinson
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Family, Marriage, Relationship Issues, Sex-Related Issues
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 35 years of experience; Professor of Couples Counseling at Northern Illinois University; Director of Post-Graduate Training at the Couples Research Institute; Frequent keynote speaker at professional counseling conferences.
Brent Atkinson, Ph.D., is the principle architect of the Pragmatic/Experiential (PEX) Method for improving relationships, which translates new scientific findings about the brain into practical methods for improving relationships. Dr. Atkinson’s ideas about relationships have received academic accolades and have also appeared in outlets such as the Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and He has published dozens of articles in professional journals and is author of the books Emotional Intelligence in Couples Therapy, and Developing Habits for Relationship Success.

Dr. Atkinson is co-founder of the Couples Clinic, home of an innovative team of therapist/educators who have pioneered new methods for improving relationships. The methods are scientifically-based, drawing from 1) long-term research studies that have identified exactly what successful couples do differently than couples whose marriages eventually fail. 2) Studies that examine how emotional attachment occurs in marriage, and why an emotional bond is crucial both to the success of marriages and the well-being of individual partners. 3) New neurological studies which suggest how we can break out of old habits of interacting with others by “reconditioning” our brains for more flexibility. The team’s methods are used widely by marriage counselors and educators across the United States. Learn more about the clinic’s programs, methods, upcoming seminars, and read about the experiences of couples who have participated in treatment at the couples clinic at All couples are welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, marital status, religious or sexual orientation.