Dave Thornsen

Dave Thornsen
Fountain Hill Center

534 Fountain St
Grand Rapids, MI 49456
United States

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Anxiety/Fears, Depression, Family, Impulse Control, Life Coaching, Loss/Grief, Marriage, Relationship Issues, Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]
A licensed psychologist, Dave received his doctorate degree in psychology in 2002 from Wheaton College. He has practiced in Grand Rapids ever since.
I work with adult men and adult women on any sort of issue they bring to therapy, and about one third of my caseload at any given time is couples. I have come to see that my role is to help people look at things differently. We can focus on changing behaviors, thoughts, or feelings, but those changes tend to last only a few weeks. If we focus on a shift in perspective then once that shift is achieved, everything else, feelings, thoughts, behaviors - falls into place.

I have a proven approach to couples-work that focuses on a common dynamic most couples experience when having difficulty communicating or getting along. When one partner would rather talk about it and the other would rather let it go, communication breaks down in a way that hurts both partners. I can help.

I use psychology and coaching techniques to teach couples about why relationships breakdown and help them learn more effective ways of coping together that will work well for both of them.