Gary Stollman

Gary Stollman

(310) 859-6433
260 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90212
United States

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Anxiety/Fears, Depression, Family, Life Coaching, Loss/Grief, Marriage, Relationship Issues, Sex-Related Issues
Trained and certified in the Viscott Method by the legendary Dr. Viscott, Dr. Gary Stollman is a Psychotherapist, Marriage Counselor, and Professional Life Coach. He is known for his ability to help his clients to rapidly find solutions to life problems with clarity and ease.
Dr. Gary Stollman utilizes an innovative treatment approach combining short-term problem solving when appropriate, (which quickly gets to the root of the problem), with a more traditional psychodynamic approach. His specialty areas are relationships, human sexuality, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and life coaching.

Trained and certified in the Viscott Method, he believes that the therapist should assume an active role throughout the therapeutic process rather than remain a passive participant, and that change doesn't have to take forever. Unlike many therapists, Dr. Stollman believes that direct feedback is an essential part of the therapeutic process and when appropriate, he provides answers to questions as they are presented. His philosophy is "person before theory", meaning that he is a "real person dealing with real people", not someone who hides behind his degrees and training or views patients as "objects".

Sessions can be scheduled for either one or two hours in length. Two hour sessions provide adequate time to explore issues without interruption.

Dr. Stollman offers a free initial 15-minute telephone consult for new patients.He has a 24-hour answering service 800-474-1445. His website address is "