Rosalyn Kramer Monat-Haller

Rosalyn Kramer Monat-Haller
L.P.C., M.E.D.

P.O.BOX 2103
Summerville, SC 29484
United States

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Child and Adolescent Issues, Marriage, Relationship Issues, Sex-Related Issues
Bachelor's Degree from Emerson College, Boston, Ma, and a Master's from Boston University. In the last group of therapists trained by Dr. Virginia Satir at AVANTA receiving 6 graduate credits at the 800 level from the University of Nevada Medical School. S,C. Licensed Independent Social Worker-CP # 1960; S.C. Licensed Professional Counselor # 116; AASECT Certified Sex Educator/Sex Counselor; and she is a S.C. Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist #17.
Rosalyn Kramer Monat-Haller received her Master's Degree from Boston University. She returned to South Carolina where she has been active in the Therapeutic Community for the last 44 years. For 25 years, she was the Director of Therapeutic Services for the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. During this time, Ms. Monat-Haller maintained a private practice in the evenings. After 25 years, she retired from the State. Since then, she has devoted all of her professional time to her private practice. She is the author of two professional books on Sexuality and Disability. She sees clients of all ages: individually, as couples, families or in groups who are not related. She uses "therapy pets" in her practice.

Ms. Monat-Haller specializes in all issues concerning sexuality, including child sexual abuse, addictive sexual behavior, including computers, pornography, sexual paraphilias, relationship problems, communication issues between partners in marriage or out of marriage, dysfunctional problems in extended families and has experience in working with family-owned businesses in which communication has stopped and the environment is pathologically dysfunctional. A unique aspect of Ms. Monat-Haller's practice is that the notes from each session are faxed to the physician of the client the night of the therapy session, creating a team effort with clear communication.

Ms. Monat-Haller provides "Process Therapy " often using art as a transformational tool. This has led to a fun, whimsical art website that Ms. Monat-Haller states "is a window to her creative soul." To experience this with her, check out"""