Imagine cleaning your house for hours on end, washing your hands up to 30 times a day " sometimes until they bleed " and having the urge to repeatedly check that doors are locked and appliances are turned off. This may sound like extreme behavior, but 2.2 million American adults live with a debilitating illness known as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Learn what you can do to overcome anxiety.

The Dr. Phil show won a Prism Award for the episode "OCD." The awards honor those that accurately present substance abuse and mental health issues.


A Germaphobe?

Lisa says she's so petrified of germs that she scrubs her kitchen floor four to five times a day and constantly washes her hands. She even homeschools her three young children because she's afraid that being around other kids will make them sick! Her husband, Khristian, fears that they're raising a bunch of "shut ins" who will be terrified of going out into the real world.


Lisa gives Dr. Phil cameras a glimpse into her life.



Fearing for the Future
Dr. Michael Jenike, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, gives his assessment of Lisa's condition. Find out his biggest fears for the young mom.


Will Lisa be able to manage her disorder and move forward with her life?



Coping with OCD

Phyllis, a former guest, says she cleaned 16 hours a day and rarely left her home. Find out how she's doing today, and hear the advice she has for Lisa.


"I wanted to put my children into bubbles."