Imagine if out of the blue, your spouse tells you he or she doesn't want to be married anymore. Then you realize your partner is nearly 50 years old, is getting in shape, updating his or her wardrobe and joining Facebook! Is this a midlife crisis? Dr. Phil sits down with two couples who are on the brink of divorce. Find out the warning signs of a midlife crisis and what Dr. Phil says these couples must do before calling it quits.

Cancel the Paperwork, Not the Relationship
Tony and Jill have been married for four years, but Tony says he wants out, so he can have his freedom back and not have the pressure and responsibility of having a wife. Their divorce will be final in a few weeks " so why is Jill still intimate with him?

"I'm not getting divorced because there's a problem. She's a wonderful, amazing woman." 



Midlife Crisis or Boredom?
Miles says his wife of 10 years, Elaine, is going through a midlife crisis and believes that's the reason she had an affair. Elaine says she doesn't regret her indiscretions because the other man made her feel happy and alive. Is there hope for this union?

"Why is it his job for you to have a purpose in your life?"