Charles says he’s desperate to save his 12-year marriage to Sally, even though he claims she’s a liar who has left him 19 times. He says the emotional turmoil caused by the stress of their relationship is also taking a physical toll on his health.

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Coach Mike Bayer, a personal development coach, Dr. Phil Advisory Board member, author of Best Self, and CEO of CAST Centers, offers the estranged couple advice for moving forward.

“You need to stop blaming each other. You both need to start looking inside, because unless you have some interest in how do you improve your own life and stop blaming each other, nothing is going to happen,” Coach Mike says. “You can't be a victim and be empowered at the same time. And you need to get empowered in your own life.” He suggests they end their relationship and work on healing themselves. Hear more of his advice in the video above.

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Dr. Phil suggests Coach Mike set up Charles with a life coach, a nutritionist and an exercise physiologist. “I want to get this guy in shape and get him back to where he walks into a room with pride and presence, instead of sloughing in like he's some kind of basket case,” he says.

Dr. Phil offers to send Sally to OnSite to heal some of the wounds from her past.

This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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