Andy and Patty Grove say their daughter, Catherine, vanished from her home in Arkansas in July 2013. “We were certain she must be hanging out with some friends for the holiday weekend,” says Andy.

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Patty says it was a few days later that their daughter, a nursing student, called to tell them she was in Wells, Texas with a group of friends.

The couple says they traveled to East Texas where they discovered Catherine was living with members of the controversial Church of Wells.

“We saw a pickup with a group of teenagers,” says Andy. “They said, ‘Oh my, you’re looking for your daughter.’ And I said, ‘How do you know?’ They said many families come to Wells looking for their kids. ‘You need to find her today or she will disappear.’ And they pointed down the street.”

What does Andy say happened when he and Patty knocked on the door of the home where they believed their daughter was staying? Tune in to the conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil airing Monday.

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